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User Info: Ambrup

4 years ago#1
This is the first SMT game I've played without any real Demon FAQs available. I know there are guides for the earlier PS version. Is there any full fusion guide? I keep fusing and ending up with poor outcomes. The best system and guide was for the newest PSP Persona.

User Info: MrKunio

4 years ago#2
Theres a chart in the instruction foldout.

And I do believe there is a compendium to look through at the hotel in the game.
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User Info: Dagdamor3725

4 years ago#3
I've always found it harder in older SMT's (this one included, it was originally released on the Sega Saturn) to get "amazing" fusions.

Granted, inheritance is pretty set based on what the resulting demon is. No amount of exiting/re-arranging fusion will change what skills from the two "parents" the resulting demon will have.

So it's usually best to try to just make sure that the demon you end up with has one or two really useful skills.

Like, I just fused a demon a while ago, and the list of skills, as I read it to myself, was "crap crap crap BUFULA crap MARIN KARIN crap crap".

Also, to note if you haven't read elsewhere yet, there are no -dyne levels spells in this game.

So, -la/-nga/-lao skills are the best elemental skills you can get on a regular basis.
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User Info: Ambrup

4 years ago#4
I miss the -dynes. How do you know which skills you'll end up with? I used to know all the types and what skills you get from different fusions, but it's been so long since I played one of these, I forgot them.

User Info: Dagdamor3725

4 years ago#5
Slide right with the circle pad when Victor asks you "Is this acceptable?".

It'll go to their spells list. Just like in the status screen for your personal demons.

Granted, you can't see explanations of the skills, but anyone who's familiar with SMT games should know most of them. Tricky ones can be looked up at megamitensei.wikia.com
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User Info: pokefloote

4 years ago#6

Put in six demons that you have available or in the compendium. You can see all combinations of what you can make. It doesn't get specific, so I use this:


to help with that.

It's more advanced than the ingame calculator, since it can do 1 + (2 + 3) = new demon
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User Info: -bled_out-color

4 years ago#7
Hopefully soon someone with a completed compendium can post a list of all demons and they're innate moves. That would make it easier to find a demon that would benuseful for your party at a given time. It'd be even better if they could list move inheritance types that it can inherit. Of course it wont be able to completely predict prioritzation, but it'd be helpful to know what demons have a chance of learning makakaja and Zio/hama skills for my Seed for example. The list would help you guesstimate and form more of a goal on what you want and can have on each demon.

User Info: Halectic

4 years ago#8
I am working on it but only at 53%

The problem i am having is the specific Zeed + Demon combinations for Hero and General types
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User Info: PyroBlade1985

4 years ago#9
Is there a fusion calculator? Like the one that was made for Nocturne? Or are people going to skip this game, and make one for SMT 4?
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User Info: Dragard_Kaos

4 years ago#10
I'm working on putting in the Demon info on the Wikia right now. It's gonna take a while, but at least most of the info is there already. I just have to update the stats, add the personality, moveset, weaknesses, etc.
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