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User Info: C_D_M

4 years ago#1
Do we have a list of available heroes/generals, levels required to make them, and the demon you fuse with, or is there one somewhere on the wiki?

User Info: ckhh12

4 years ago#2

User Info: Zeruel

4 years ago#3
Joan of Arc (level 54): Zoma (at least level 40) + Black Maria (level 55 Entity)
Siegfried (level 61): Zoma (at least level 50) + Lugh (level 51 Deity)
Saladin (level 68): Zoma (at least level 60) + Alilat (level 82 Entity)
Rama (level 77): Zoma (at least level 70) + Vishnu (level 84 Deity)
Koutei (level 83) (Huang Di as localized name?): Zoma (at least level 80) + Xi Wangmu (level 81 Lady)

General (must fuse on a New Moon)
Raryouou (level 44): Zoma (at least level 40) + Seiryuu (level 46 Dragon)
Hagen (level 51): Zoma (at least level 50) + Fafnir (level 56 Drake)
Yoshi-tsune (level 57): Zoma (at least level 60) + Hachiman (level 76 Entity)
Longinus (level 65): Zoma (at least level 70) + Metatron (level 80 Herald)
Masakado (level 81) : Zoma (at least level 80) + Hachiman (level 76 Entity)

No, you're not seeing a typo. Hachiman is the second ingredient for both Yoshi-tsune and Masakado. The difference lies in the Zoma's level.

Not entirely sure of the accuracy of the names for some of them, so keep that in mind. Still not even sure if one of the race names ("Iryou") is translated as "Entity" (as it was in Nocturne) or "Geist" (as it was in SJ) in this game.
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User Info: Epoptic

4 years ago#4
Not much of a contribution compared to Zeruel, but I can confirm it's Entity.
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User Info: Zeruel

4 years ago#5
I haven't seen this available, but here's how to make Entities and Zealots, just in case. For both of them, you must use a Light demon (Deity, Megami, Fury, or Lady) and a Dark demon (Tryant, Vile, or Reaper).

Entity (must fuse on New Moon)
Black Maria (level 55)
Ometeotl (level 61)
Hachiman (level 76)
Alilat (level 82)

Zealot (must fuse on a Full Moon)
Ogun (level 37)
Ara Misaki (level 52)
Attis (level 66)
Dionysus (level 74)
"No matter how far a jackass travels, it won't come back a horse."
Batou; Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence

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