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User Info: Halibut

6 years ago#1
Has there been any confirmation/rejection of the rumour that the characters added to SSFIV Arcade Edition would also be in the 3D Edition?
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User Info: stealthgiga

6 years ago#2
I think they won't be in 3D edition because during Nintendo World 2011 presentation the producer says '35 characters'... if I remember correctly, that's the number of characters for Super Street Fighter IV console version...
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User Info: Lunir

6 years ago#3
35 in catridge, but the rumor is later DLC of Yun, Yang, Ryu, Akuma and other character.

But in catridge the same 35
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User Info: RyuuseiGodZ

6 years ago#4
Ono said that this a direct port of SSF4 on the 3DS with additional 3DS exclusive features. There is not gonna be any future DLC for those additional Arcade Edition characters.

If they wont make Arcade Edition a download content add on the HD console SSF4 then why do you think they make it a DLC for the 3DS edition.

Look at the history of Street Fighter 2. They have made constant versions,reiterations and upgrades to the game but they never had a "cartridge upgrade" deal or a "lock-on cartridge" system.

If they make a Super Street Fighter IV 3D: Arcade Edition, well most likely your going to have to buy it as a separate cartridge.

User Info: stealthgiga

6 years ago#5
I think it's kind of silly, after Arcade edition is released, to release outdated version... oh well.
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User Info: Horsemanwar 2000

Horsemanwar 2000
6 years ago#6
This version is not an outdated version but rather a separate branch of the same game series. It is going to have many things the console version will not and we don't have to pay for extra costumes.

User Info: stealthgiga

6 years ago#7
Okay... so the Arcade Edition adds new characters and make some balances to existing characters from the console versions. What about this 3D edition?
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