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Furniture Sets

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User Info: Horsemanwar 2000

Horsemanwar 2000
5 years ago#1
I'm hearing all these great things about this game and so far I'm liking what I hear, but I haven't heard much about if there is any old sets that didn't return and if there is any new sets and what they are.

User Info: urmomishawt04

5 years ago#2
if you haven't heard you can customize furnitir. to your liking...

you can change the wood color or the fabric... Probably varies from set to set
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User Info: Pokeking

5 years ago#3
There is a ballon series, the spaceship one shown in one of the videos.

The Mario series has returned, but now the graphics are from games like New SMB.
His Imperial Dream Master, The Pokeking

User Info: Liquefy

5 years ago#4
Remember, "Set," "Series," and "Theme," mean different things in this game. Why are you asking only about Sets? Why not Series or Themes?

User Info: Horsemanwar 2000

Horsemanwar 2000
5 years ago#5
Seriously I'm curious so I asked a question, I didn't know I had to follow the ancient Liquefy rules of making a topic on Gamefaqs. So if I want to make a topic asking how many new frogs there are am I allowed, just pull out your giant rule book, don't worry I'll wait, you I wouldn't want to offend you or anything.

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