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Phineas (spoilers)

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User Info: ThadBarr

5 years ago#1
Everyone's favorite sea lion is back! Apparently, hanging around passing out balloons to children creeped too many people out, so he's become something only slightly less disturbing: a scout leader.

At first, I thought he was wearing archaic hiking gear, and I couldn't figure out what his purpose was. He gave me something, then disappeared. What that something was, I couldn't figure. Later on, I read Beck (?) mentioning his museum donation award for fish, and I located something on my ID card that looked just like that. Ah ha.

But today, when I ran into Phineas again, I worked out exactly what was happening. He's not a hiker, that's a scout uniform. And he's giving out merit badges. This time, after I spoke with him the first time, he didn't disappear. So I just kept initiating conversation till nothing new happened.

So here are my Merit Badges as of this morning:

Fish Master (bronze)
Bug Master (bronze)
Sealife Master (bronze)
Skillful Fisher (bronze)

Master could also be translated as Professor, I suppose. I personally suspect you get this qualification based on the number of recorded species in you three different record books. But Museum donations could work too, in which case I would go with "Professor" over Master.

As for "Skillful Fisher", I'm guessing this has to do with the overall gross number of fish you caught. That would explain why I don't have the Skillful Diver or Bug Catcher merit badges yet. If this is a badge for quantity, Skillful might not be the best description, but I don't known another translation for "jouzu".

There are spaces for 24 merit badges. When I left the Boy Scouts, Rabbit Raising was still a badge you could get...Wouldn't that be awesome if they included that one? I could just lock Bunnie up in my second floor, and...Uh, where was I?

Anyway, I hated scouting. Hopefully this will be better. Wait, I'm a guy playing as a female character (I'll adopt my primary manly male persona for the NA version)--do you think Phineas will kick me out?

User Info: ThadBarr

5 years ago#2
Phineas stopped by for a second time tonight, this time dropping off my bronze Skillful Bug Catcher merit badge.

I wonder when I'll get the silver versions.

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