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Art Research

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User Info: Liquefy

5 years ago#11
More "old" ones:
isamashii meiga (Basic) is "The Blue Boy" by Gainsborough
ochitsuita meiga (Quaint) is "The Milkmaid" by Vermeer
subarashii meiga (Perfect) is "Apples and Oranges" by Cezanne
suteki na meiga (Wistful) is "Girl with a Pearl Earring" by Vermeer

Yes, a "new" one:
shinayaka na meiga (???) is "Beauty Looking Back" by Hishikawa Moronobu at Tokyo National Museum

User Info: ThadBarr

5 years ago#12
Here's an odd one. Celeste sold me a "Gouka na Gakubuchi". At first I thought it was some sort of junky modern art reject (Blathers wouldn't take it), but then I looked at closer. On second thought, it looked more like the kind of contemporary take on the mandala that Jung would have liked during his Red Book period.

So I called up my dictionary, and got "gouka -- effects of karma, hell fire, (Buddhist) world-destroying conflagration". And gakubuchi just means "frame"

A few searches using romanji and hiragana, didn't help. I did a couple more using the kanji (two different versions) on wikipedia and google (japanese, chinese, and english), but turned up nothing useful.

User Info: ItemBreak

5 years ago#13
"Gouka" means splendor, and it's being used as an adjective in gouka na gakubuchi (splendid frame). Are you sure you're using a regular dictionary? And of course Blathers wouldn't take it; it's a frame, not a piece of art.

User Info: ThadBarr

5 years ago#14

"Splendor" was the last definition, groan. My Japanese isn't very good, and I was just figuring it would mean what I expected it to mean.

I suppose then, like the glass case and the display stand that she sold me earlier, that I'm supposed to use frame to show off something in the museum. I suppose I could affix a pattern to the wall, then hang the frame around it...?

User Info: Nekoakuma

5 years ago#15
Related blog link:
Japanese | Assume JPN Region, unless otherwise stated.

User Info: ThadBarr

5 years ago#16
Ha ha, this is pretty funny. You can actually tell which painting are counterfeit before you buy. Unfortunately, the link has kana in it, so I can't post it in full. Here's the start point, however:

Looking at the left column, head down to the Top 10 at the very bottom. Locate for the katakana/hirgana link "Aitemu / Meiga" and click. Alternately, call up the page in with Chrome, hit translate, and find "Niece is items", again, at the bottom of the left column in the Top 10.

They've not completed the list yet, but I think the way in which they did the fakes is hilarious. I generally don't go rooting through Japanese sites like this, but I just needed to check the December event calendar, and my curiosity about "Nieces" got the better of me.

User Info: Liquefy

5 years ago#17
Excellent find! I wondered about this because my eventually-revealed counterfeit "Beauty Looking Back" was actually looking forward.

User Info: zenxacred

5 years ago#18
Just ran into redd today (I've seen him twice in one month)

3 fake items (great wave, summer, capiltoline wolf)

And one real (the blue boy)
~ SG/Zen ~
XBL/Steam: ZenXacred

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