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Turnip Newb.

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User Info: urmomishawt04

4 years ago#1
Alright, this is possibly the only feature of AC I always ignored for whatever reason.

Anyways, NL, I'm going to try to get into the 'Stalk Market'.

Read up on it, in other words, you just:

-Buy bunches of turnips from Joan (6am-12am)
-Sell to Nook when there is a spike in price before they spoil (they spoil at 11:59 saturday pm or what?)

Now, I have a few questions because the features seem to change from game to game:

1) Does Joan sell in bunches like 10,50,100 in NL?

2) When does this 'spike' in price occur for Nook (I know it's random but is it every week, every other week etc.)? Does anyone else buy turnips in NL?

If there are any new features in NL in regards to turnips...I'd like to know :D. Thanks Slurpee!
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User Info: chameleonsoup

4 years ago#2
I've never 'done' turnips either. I'll be glad to learn of any tips and tricks that the seasoned traders can offer. What is the spike price? Is it always one day a week?
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User Info: alicesutaren

4 years ago#3
A friend did turnips tip on New Leaf and it's kinda work.
You can easily make a lot of money, you had to check everyday's turnips selling price, and have to sell then within a week or they'll rot.

Seems the pick price is the same in ACWW and NL, but I'm not sure if it's true.
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User Info: caranha

4 years ago#4
You are mostly right.

* You buy Turnips from "Kaburiba", every Sunday morning, up to 12 AM.
* Kaburiba asks you how many turnips you want to buy (you just input a number).
* Turnips can stack up to 990, they are sold in units of 10.

* You must sell them at R-pacas (not Nook) before they spoil by next sunday
* Each day has two prices, a morning price and an afternoon price.

As for the "spikes", the prices follow a number of different patterns, each pattern starts and ends within one week (mon-sun), and as far as I can tell, each week is independent from another.

Some possible patterns:
- Lowering pattern: selling prices start around the buying price, and then go steadly down by small amounts.
- Peak pattern: same as lowering pattern, but with a huge spike (400 or more) Thursday afternoon
- Random pattern: prices are completely random, between 50 and 200 bells
- "small peaks": similar to lowering pattern, but somewhere in the week there will be a "small peak", with prices up to 200-300 bells.

I think there may be other patterns, the Japanese wiki has a very complete description of them.

User Info: ThadBarr

4 years ago#5
Check out Liquefy's Animal Crossing: City Folk guide, and just go straight to this section: "26) The Stalk Market". He's listed a number of useful stats and typical price quote patterns.

Don't forget, you really need to be able to check the prices twice a day. Also, the morning price is only good between 9 am and noon, which can be awkward if you have to sell all your turnips right then.

I've been playing since launch day, and so far, I've only done poorly with turnips in one week. 65% of the time I've correctly identified the highest price, and rest of the time I was very close.

User Info: nintendoguy91

4 years ago#6
In Wild World you could put the turnips on a table to prevent them from spoiling. Is that still possible?

User Info: ThadBarr

4 years ago#7
Haven't tried out the table thing in ACNL, because it didn't work in CF and everyone assumed it was just a weird glitch in the first place.

We would have heard by now, though, if it were back.

User Info: nintendoguy91

4 years ago#8
So now way of preventing them to spoil :(

User Info: ThadBarr

4 years ago#9
Just sell them before 11 pm Saturday and you'll be fine.

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