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perfect town

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User Info: philphther

4 years ago#1
So I have a ton of trees and flowers in my town, and I really don't want to cut any of them down for the "perfect town"... i heard for a perfect town you can only have a certain amount? I also heard that's how you get different styles for your town hall by getting the perfect town... any advice?

User Info: alicesutaren

4 years ago#2
I'm in the same case, it seems flowers are the key for perfect town.

Even though it will be a real mess, you have to put a lot of flowers in your town.

Actually I'm trying, wait for other replies.
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User Info: caranha

4 years ago#4
You need a minimum amount of Flowers
A minimum amount of town improvements
A maximum amount of trash and weeds (I think you must have no trash, but a few weeds seems to be ok)

You need a "right" amount of trees - can't be too low or too high.

User Info: Pokeking

4 years ago#5
Okay, I thought I heard that projects contribute to town status. Thanks for the heads up.
His Imperial Dream Master, The Pokeking

User Info: philphther

4 years ago#6
Hey caseeturtle I checked out your town, I think I have WAY more trees.. the dog hates my town though. if anyone wants to see my town by talking to dream ant eater yumemi you can put in my dream town code 2100 0300 6027... or visit. fc is 4210 5360 1974
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User Info: philphther

4 years ago#8
oh, it changed... i dont have a japanese keyboard but she's saying (sorry this porbably looks obnoxious) ...KONAKOTO KAKUNOHA DOUKATO OMOUNDESUKEDO.... kaninNE... MURAHENOKIKUBARI, MOUSUKOSHIDAKE FUYASEHENKASHIRA...? KONOMAMADEHA CHYOTO... I know very little japanese :P i get a little like somethings good but... anticipation ... less change? i dont know...

User Info: philphther

4 years ago#9
thats what was written in blue..
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