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Thinking of selling my 3DS

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User Info: JTC87

4 years ago#1
My 3DS is collecting dust because there aren't any good games out for it (Just OoT) I have been waiting for the MM remake but that hasn't happened, I have been waiting for a new Zelda game and that hasn't happened, Luigi's Mansion 2? Nope. and now the last hope I had was Animal Crossing and it seems that Nintendo is dragging their feet with it too. It seems Nintendo just doesn't care about their fans anymore.

User Info: ThadBarr

4 years ago#2
Perhaps you should just donate it to charity. No one is really going to want to buy a used 3DS, because you're right, there just aren't any games for it.

If it were a collector's item like a Bandai WonderSwan Color, I'd say go ahead and auction it on ebay. I mean, at least they came out with a couple awesome games for that one. (I still play mine at least ten hours a week, sometime more.) But that's not the case for the 3DS, it's just a worthless hunk of plastic.

So if I were you, I'd find some little kid and just give it to them. They can play Face Raiders for five minutes and then break it open to see what it looks like inside. Or burn it in the fireplace, Little Inferno style.

If you ever think about getting back into real portable gaming I suggest you check out getting a Gizmondo.

User Info: funkfreak212

4 years ago#3
If you need some cash, then I'd say sell it. But you could be patient and wait for more games. I mean, it's not like they'll stop making games for it until the next system comes out, and that will be in several years. What if something awesome comes out later and you can never play it?
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User Info: FantasyLogic

4 years ago#4
$50 right now

User Info: LeBurns63

4 years ago#5
You can try the new HM game as it (IMO) is a lot better than the prior HM games.

But yeah, there are not a lot of these virtual life games on any system really so you are going to have to wait for them.
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User Info: Katharina27

4 years ago#6
Give it until this spring before you sell. Fire Emblem: Awakening is coming out. I've heard that Etrian Odyssey: Legends of the Titan is a solid game choice. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner is also really good and I'm really looking forward to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate which is excellent if you really like a challenging game. Give the system an honest shot!
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User Info: DarkHeroRaven

4 years ago#7
Fire Emblem: Awakening alone is reason enough to own a 3DS if you ask me. Depending on where you live, it's right around the corner. Or until April.

User Info: wizaerd

4 years ago#8
Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, Tales of Graces f, both available now and upcoming is Fire Emblem:Awakening.
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User Info: WitchBaby4200

4 years ago#9
Luigi's Mansion comes out on March 24th I believe. The release date is set. So you could always wait for that. Or get some eShop games. I recommend Denpa Men They Came By Wave. One of the best RPG's I've ever played.
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User Info: chocolatethund4

4 years ago#10
Theres a lot of good games out right now and way more coming. From the sound of it, it seems like you bought the system with only a couple games in mind. Animal crossing is a drag, yes, but don't blame nintendo for a game like mm that you think should be made, and a new zelda game is something that hasn't even shown its face. Tbh you don't seem like the type of person who will play more than a couple games like 3d land and kid icarus. Id say give it to someone who can get more use out of it.
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