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Is this game more for the casual or hardcore audience?

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  3. Is this game more for the casual or hardcore audience?

User Info: Pokeking

4 years ago#11
I would say that it is mostly casual since one can go at the game however they wish, but I do delight at being a completionist for a game like this.
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User Info: ponyseizures

4 years ago#12
In the Animal Crossing Universe, being a completionist is being hardcore.

User Info: Akaimizu

4 years ago#13
It really is tough to label it as hardcore unless you have a specific definition for it.

You can be a completionist in a game like Animal Crossing without really being called hardcore. Perhaps you're just dedicated. Dedicated just to animal crossing and that's it.

There's a lot of people who play Sims all the time, they are a bit of completionists for the game, but they don't bother with any other kind of gaming, or maybe even any other titles that would classify as anything but casual. There's a bit of a "tough to define" thing at work, here.

I feel it is safer just to say a game caters for the casual when there is more aspects of it that can be enjoyed by a casual gamer and not restricted just to people more dedicated to gaming.
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User Info: kirbycool

4 years ago#14
Hardcore game doesn't mean anything at all. Tetris is the most casually played game of all time but there are people who play it in a "hardcore" manner.

People who ONLY play CoD, Madden, skyrim, and other super advertised mainstream games are called Fratcore though.
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User Info: akwan_tarot

4 years ago#15
The makers say "communication game" and "slow life". It's intended to be casual.

Some hardcore games on the 3DS are Kid Icarus Uprising and Culdcept. These games are open to challenging and/or serious competitive play (although care has been taken to make them accessible too).

User Info: Akaimizu

4 years ago#16
Yep. And then you have stuff that's more core gamer-only minded like Crimson Shroud. A game that really isn't approachable to a casual gamer any more than an old-school Western RPG (noted for their steep initial learning curves) or a 4X strategy game.
"because 'Clerks' is NINJA in itself." - Ninja Mask lessons by Vern Reid (

User Info: RachelF5

4 years ago#17
It is a very relaxing game series when you need a break from the fast pace ones.

User Info: BringerOfPie

4 years ago#18
I still don't understand what makes a game "hardcore" or "casual" after all these years or why that even matters. It seems like games that sell dozens of millions of copies to all ages are considered "casual" and so it's basically hipster gaming with so-called "hardcore" games. If so, I've never been a hardcore gamer in spite of playing video games for 20 years. That said...

Richdrum333 posted...
Hardcore would be the Call of Duty, GTA

Oh hell no.

User Info: JixHedgehog

4 years ago#19
It can go either way..

Casuals - play a few minutes a day, meet up with friends on the weekend, occasionally check stores, maybe design a pattern or 2

Hardcore - several hours a day, harvest everything, constant fish and bug catching, buy out Nooks on a daily basis, redesign the town (remove all the trees, set up patterns) constantly add friends to visit and buy/sell HUGE amounts of turnips on Sunday
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User Info: RachelF5

4 years ago#20
I hope there is more zelda items in this game this time around.
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  3. Is this game more for the casual or hardcore audience?

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