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Download AND physical copy on same 3ds

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User Info: philphther

4 years ago#1
what's it like to have both the downloaded and physical version of games on 3ds? I was thinking about buying a physical copy of this game but I already have it downloaded..

User Info: nintendoguy91

4 years ago#2
Why would you want both?

User Info: 90sRetroGaming

4 years ago#3
Besides save data between the two everything is the same. any Spotpass and Streetpass data is saved to the SD card so anything for the game that involves these two features will always be present, reguardless of which copy you're playing at the time.

When i bought my 3DS XL it came with a pre-installed copy of MK7. i already had the physical copy of MK7 since launch back in 11' but i decided that i wanted to go and play through the game again on the new digital version so that i could unlock everything again :).

I've re-unlocked most stuff on the new digital version but there's a new physical-to-digital save data tool coming soon to all regions. i plan on transfering the save data to my new digital copy (where i have everything unlocked) and i guess putting my old physical copy away or maybe try and trade it in or sell it.

To be honest, unless you simply want to buy a physical version of the same game to have the case artwork, manual and other pamphlets there's really no reason for you to buy it again, this time physically.

Aside from those few things i mentioned (case artwork, manual, etc) it's absolutly pointless since the game is now stuck forever in your 3DS's download history. as long as you own the same 3DS system the game was downloaded on you'll always have that game with you.. period!.
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User Info: DreamerBuzz238

4 years ago#4
I wouldn't have thought there'd be any point in having a digital copy and a physical copy. I mean, why pay twice? Unless you're interested in the cover artwork, instructions thingy and stuff?
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User Info: kreegan64

4 years ago#5
Unless you're worried about losing the 3ds and therefore your data I wouldn't get it. Even then I'm sure there's something about being able to regain your lost data.
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User Info: Miggi3Fr3sh

4 years ago#6
I haven't kept track of the game. But is there any traveling between towns locally? Could you travel from the physical copy to the digital copy? I remember doing that on the GameCube but that only required an additional memory card
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User Info: siegeshot

4 years ago#7
Exactly what I'll be doing. I'll play the digital copy, my wife will play the physical copy.

As soon as I can afford the 2nd 3DS, she can just snag the physical copy.

Totally awesome. Been my plan all along.
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