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Only a few days to make Snowmen left...

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User Info: ThadBarr

4 years ago#1
If the previous incarnations of AC are any guide, we have a little less than two weeks to wrap up our everything with the Snowmen. Well, I suppose "Snowpeople" is the correct term with ACNL. Snowfolk?

I just have a couple issues outstanding...How many Bingo Snowman items are there? I managed to get ten before the repeats got too annoying. Ski Wall, Ski Floor, Ski Lift Gondola, Skiis, Ski Flag, Curling Stone, Bobsled, Snowmobile, Snowmaking Machine, and one more I just can't quite remember at the moment.

The "regular" Snowman didn't give me any problems this year. In fact, in past versions of AC, that was the only size that would actually win you anything, so I made about twelve of them before I finally stumbled on the Bingo Snowman.

Liquefy clued me into the Snowmama, and I zipped right through all of her items. Of course, she gave them out in order, with no repeats, so finding the snowflakes was the only hard part. I actually thought netting all the snowflakes was tough until Pave rolled into town the other day...What a nightmare that was.

FInally, what exactly was the Snowbaby there for? I made two, and neither seemed to do anything but just sit there.

My only thought is that maybe you had to make the whole "Snowfamily"--one of each type--for something to happen...A maximum of four snowpeople can exist at the same time, so that always seemed like an interesting hypothesis to me.

Thanks for any help or ideas!

User Info: Castalot

4 years ago#2
Snowbaby can give out several items, based on the snowmen you have made before him. The baby has to be made last and perfect to get an item. You are indeed supposed to make his family. However you can make them in different ways.

4 perfect snowmen gives you the snowmen matrosjka.
3 imperfect snowmen + perfect baby gives you the sled.
My friend got an igloo by making a perfect mother, imperfect brother and father and then the perfect baby.
You can also get a snowbunny, but I dont know the combination for it.
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User Info: zenxacred

4 years ago#3
^perfect mom/brother, imperfect father.
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User Info: Liquefy

4 years ago#5
Snowboard is the tenth item from Yukidaru Man.

For misshapen snowmen, try using maximum size heads for Yukidaru Mama, and Yukidaruma. Try using a tiny head for Yukidaru Man.

Get started on those families!
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  3. Only a few days to make Snowmen left...

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