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How do you start putting tiles/Patterns on the ground outside?

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  3. How do you start putting tiles/Patterns on the ground outside?

User Info: Spiral55

4 years ago#1

User Info: Brady672_AT_fan

4 years ago#2
Pretty sure you need to get the town permit and build something.
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User Info: wolfman6666

4 years ago#3
then why have i had a couple on the ground since before getting either of those?

select a pattern from the pattern menu thing. (pencil) should give you some options
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User Info: anarokr

4 years ago#4
poke the pattern and push display on ground...

User Info: Spiral55

4 years ago#5
Ah, so simple. I feel pretty dumb. Thanks.

User Info: Spiral55

4 years ago#6
Is there anyway to put the tiles down faster? Moving one spot, putting tile down, rinse and repeat seems like I'm doing it wrong. If there's not them *whew*, this is gonna take a while. Little everday the names of the game.

User Info: Dork_Vader

4 years ago#7
Stand in one spot and you can put down nine patterns, under and each adjacent square.

Warning: down that path lies madness, I covered my entire town in city folk with patterns when my grass started going away... THE WHOLE TOWN, EVERY SINGLE NON-BUILDING OR TREE OR ROCK OR RIVER OR SIGN SQUARE, with patterns that I painstakingly matched to the grass and dirt patterns, with lined bare dirt walkways through town...

...then I discovered the ACtoolkit would let me refresh grass and yet I didn't know it could let me remove the patterns easily yet, so I went and picked up about half of them before I figured out how to remove them in the town edit screen... again, insanity lies that way, just remember that grass wear is MUCH slower this time and it regenerates MUCH faster, but it doesn't heal under a pattern (though it doesn't wear under one either) so yeah, if you want the patterns for your own tastes, ok, if you want it for worry of city folk desertification, you're going to drive yourself nuts for nothing.
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  3. How do you start putting tiles/Patterns on the ground outside?

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