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Fleas on villagers?

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User Info: xXHPLinkXx

4 years ago#1
One of my villagers, Flip, has a brown thing that keeps jumping off him and making noise. It wasn't always there, though. What's that about?
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User Info: Samwich

4 years ago#2
Use your net to catch the flea. Its a collectable insect.

User Info: Kamina13

4 years ago#3
A flea was the first bug I caught lol.

User Info: Nanabobo

4 years ago#4
Speaking of fleas, is it just me or are they way more common in this game than in previous ones? I'd play the others for hours on end and maybe see one flea every two weeks or so. In this one, I've seen at least one flea per day. Yesterday alone I saw three of them!
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User Info: Ericxc

4 years ago#5
All I know is that villagers are gross.

They all have fleas...

User Info: Kamina13

4 years ago#6
They might be more common, or we could be un/lucky.

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