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What did you name your town and why?

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  3. What did you name your town and why?

User Info: ColtCababa

4 years ago#1
I named my town "Copeland" because instead of ending with "Town"
or "City", I wanted to go with something different. That, and an idol of mine has the last name, "Copeland".

A few of you may get it.
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User Info: Mothership1953

4 years ago#2
Town #1 is named Rakuen. That means paradise in Japanese, so it seemed perfect for my town's name.

Town #2 is named Mugwump, because I always have an AC town with that name.
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User Info: KittyNamine

4 years ago#3
Lollipop. D=
because I wanted something super cute, and I couldn't use Hinamizawa like I wanted to..</3 daw.

User Info: TheEvilMushroom

4 years ago#4
Eureka because it was an awesome show.
I enjoy stupid topics like this one.

User Info: Calbretto57

4 years ago#5
For my town, I've used the same name for every Animal Crossing (and any other game where you name the town/world/village/whatever. It's Li Wun, my wife's Chinese name.

For my character, I just used the nickname version of my own name: Vinnie.

User Info: Buchichu

4 years ago#6
Avalon. It's just a typical fantasy town name and what's more of a fantasy than living in a town full of animals and things?
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User Info: Meganium7

4 years ago#7

it's like a picnic

User Info: klecser

4 years ago#8
Bag End

because Hobbiton.

User Info: johnnyrommel

4 years ago#9
Zaffre. It's a shade of blue!
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User Info: slyfan17

4 years ago#10
Mirewood, because of my dungeons and dragons group
3ds friend code: 0275-7899-0710. Name: Hagot. Town: Mirewood.
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  3. What did you name your town and why?

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