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Dream Suite

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User Info: neotim

4 years ago#1
How do I exactly get this triggered? Today is my 7th day playing. I've been online. And have completed a public work project. What am I missing?
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User Info: toonsage

4 years ago#2
bumping this because i'd like to know too :)

User Info: Solarman98

4 years ago#3
7 day have to pass, you should be getting it tomorrow
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User Info: flametakuya

4 years ago#4
i'm on my 8th day and isabelle refuses to be sleeping.... even after going in and out of the town hall like 10 times...
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User Info: toonsage

4 years ago#5
i also read this in the FAQ which confused me, made me think there was more to it:

"Find and speak to [Isabelle] Shizue {Yeo-ul} while napping to make the option

what does it mean, "while napping"? is that to upgrade it?

User Info: dandan

4 years ago#6
same problem encountered.
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User Info: toonsage

4 years ago#7
can anyone share exactly how they unlocked dream suite? i'm really intrigued.

(ps- this game has so much to unlock o_o)

User Info: PokeCris

4 years ago#8
I unlocked it yesterday, I walked in to town hall around 1pm and found Isabelle asleep she got startled and then proceed to talk about making the dream suite
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User Info: vaportrails27

4 years ago#9
I think it's after ten days. I just had the option come up, and I've jumped ahead a few days, on the 19th in game.
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User Info: Lori2012

4 years ago#10
You have to have connected to the internet at least once, had your development permit for at least a week and then you'll find Isabelle napping at town hall.

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