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Should I get this? How many hours worth of gameplay?

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  3. Should I get this? How many hours worth of gameplay?

User Info: verozo

4 years ago#1
I'm currently bored with MH3U, looking for something to spend my time before Pokemon X/Y comes out. This is gonna be my first AC game, is this similar to the sims? Are there any "animals" in it, or the title's just namesake? And if I were to "time travel" (I'm pretty impatient) will I get bored faster/shortening gameplay time?
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User Info: Gardevoir47

4 years ago#2
Saying you are bored of MH3U is a sin against all of humanity...

But really, this game... will eat your hours.

Not really sure how to describe it, perhaps someone else can say.
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User Info: Xeronoxgrim

4 years ago#3
If you consider yourself impatient then I really don't think this is the game for you.
This one of those games where you put in an hour or two a day. There's lots of waiting involved, especially at the beginning.
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User Info: Yaezakura

4 years ago#4
There are some Sims-like elements to it.

Most of the NPCs you encounter are sentient animals. In fact, your own character is the only human in the game, aside from other players you may play the game with.

Time travel can definitely shorten your experience, since waiting on things is kind of part of the game. Normally the game plays out in real time, with a day in real life being a day in the game. Time travel can obviously speed things up, but this also means you run out of things to look forward to sooner.

Animal Crossing tends to be a very casual game. You try to fill your museum, collect furniture to decorate your house, earn money to pay off your debts and get a bigger house to fill with more furniture, install new things in the town to make it a cooler place to live, etc. While you can certainly log a lot of hours each day depending on how you play, it's normally a kind of "hour a day for a year or more" kind of game, instead of something you hit really hard until it's "done". Animal Crossing is never really done. - A Mayor's Tale
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User Info: rush86

4 years ago#5
Dude how is someone going to tell u if u should get it or not. How bout make up your own mind. Play the game and see for yourself what its all about

User Info: ChubbyMuffin77

4 years ago#6
Played "right", this game can make days of your life disappear. I put quotations around the word right because there is no definitive way to play this. It is however you want to. To quickly answer your questions, yes, your neighbors are animals, and yes time traveling will shorten the experience.

It's too hard to actually describe this game, it's a game about living. You fish, bug catch, fill up your museum, expand your home, dress your character, get cool furniture, meet the neighbors, upgrade your town, things like that. I've heard it described kind of as a playskool sims. It all depends on what you like. If you like collecting, this might be for you. If not, or if you get impatient, since this does run on real time, maybe you won't like it so much.
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User Info: Kalphoenix

4 years ago#7
It's not as complicated or in depths as the sims IMHO (not that there is anything wrong with either genre)'s not really a simulator per say. You don't have needs or anything of that sort to take care of.

If a villager asks you to do something for them, it's simple errands or "catch me this" tasks with little real penalty if you fail. Collecting seems to be the primary theme of the game, although you can decorate as well. You fish, catch bugs and (new to this game), go diving for various sea critters.

The Island "tours" are minigames, of a sort, otherwise the "game" aspect is really what you make of it. There are no real "goals" except the ones you make for yourself, for example, filling up the museum, or maybe collecting the max amount of bells (although I think both of these have in-game rewards as well, but doesn't feel like you HAVE to do it).

I heard someone refer to the AC series as "A Slice of Life." I think this is actually a pretty good name for the genre.

User Info: Deadly_Fire

4 years ago#8
How many hours of gameplay? Well, I'm at 111 hours already with no sign of stopping anytime soon. That playtime alone blows most current-gen games out of the water. I'd have more than my money's worth if I stopped right now. As far as time-travelling goes, I would strongly advise against it. While it can be painful to wait, it makes it all the more worth it.

User Info: Miracle_Paint

4 years ago#9
If it helps, before buying this game I was playing MH3U as well. After soloing nearly 400 hours I felt like there wasn't anything significant to do left, so I quit. This game is definitely a fun change of pace, there's zero stress, make your own goals, plenty of stuff to do for the completionist in you, online multi-player, etc.
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User Info: NessEggman

4 years ago#10
verozo posted...
I'm currently bored with MH3U, looking for something to spend my time before Pokemon X/Y comes out. This is gonna be my first AC game, is this similar to the sims? Are there any "animals" in it, or the title's just namesake? And if I were to "time travel" (I'm pretty impatient) will I get bored faster/shortening gameplay time?

This is nothing like The Sims.

All the characters except for the player character are cute, superdeformed, anthropomorphic animal characters. They all have copy/paste personalities (as in, you will easily meet multiples of the same character just with a different appearance and name) and do not develop nor do they have any depth at all.

Even if you time travel, you will have 100s of hours of gameplay time. Time traveling doesn't make things happen faster, it just makes it so you don't have to wait to do it. The game has a certain amount of things you can do each day, and you can only do them once each day. Then you have almost nothing possible to do in the game unless you wait for the next day. Sometimes things need to happen at a certain time of day (like before noon, after 4PM, stuff like that). There are stores in the game and they will have closing times and opening times. If you're playing outside of those times, you can't interact with them at all. Time traveling can alleviate that if you're wanting to play at 3AM and the game is literally unplayable at that time (outside of basic item-farming activities, which you will easily have "completed" on the first day or two of playing).

If you are impatient, you might not like this game. This game is often called a "debt simulator" or even "waiting simulator." The entire point of the game is struggle on, doing repetitive actions a little bit every day, until finally, after weeks of toiling, you finally pay off a debt. And then you'll have an even bigger debt to pay off with a reward like an extra few square feet in your house.

There's a lot to distract you, like decorating your house, donating items to a museum instead of selling them, altering your characters appearance, chatting with characters who say silly things, etc.

There are no challenges or anything in this game. There's nothing you can really lose at. You have unlimited tries to do everything. Often you might have to wait a day, week, month, or even year to try something again. But you still get to try again.

If you are not a patient person, walking up and down a beach for 3 hours until you finally see the fish you want might not be fun to you.

The only thing you do in this game is customize things and collect things. The more you play, the more items you seem to collect. Then you can drop them around your house to make it look different, or wear them on your character.

This game, compared to the other ACs has a LOT of distractions and collectibles, so you can always feel like you're doing something 'different.'

I'm not trying to say the game is bad, but the entire game is a huge test of patience. If you like to just kind of play around casually with a game with no goals or challenge, and like looking at cute things, this game is for you

This game is for people who like to watch things unravel slowly. A lot of the fun is in the waiting, the anticipation. "Oh, this shop will open tomorrow!" That kind of thing. The entire game is about waiting. Time traveling just makes the waiting shorter, but then there's nothing left to the game. Because waiting IS the game.
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