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Town Themes - what do you guys use?

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User Info: Tifas_Revenge

4 years ago#1
Hey all,

I just got this came when it came out last weekend. The town theme I currently use basically is the first part of Super Mario Bros 1: EE^E^CE^G2^ G1-

^ = rest - = hold the note G1 = G below middle C, G2 = G above middle C)

I also used the theme whenever the clock hits on the hour at most churches C_E_D_G1_^G1_D_E_C. on City Folk (Wii). (I forget exactly what it is called, but it's very common)

What do the rest of you guys like to use for your town theme?
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User Info: David_741

4 years ago#2
I used the start of to Lost Woods theme (Saria's Song) in OoT.
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User Info: Zallia

4 years ago#3
Sailor Moon theme for me! Carry-over from the past games.
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User Info: NS_Arcane

4 years ago#4
A piece of Fire Field.

User Info: mantez

4 years ago#5
Funky town.
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User Info: BlueJuan

4 years ago#6
I'm using the Attack on Titan Theme Song.
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User Info: Scutchington

4 years ago#7

Part of the chorus of "Pure Pure Heart" by HTT from K-On!
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User Info: AngryInconnu

4 years ago#8
"You and me together we'll be..."

From Oliver and Company.
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User Info: gnerdus

4 years ago#9
Clock Town theme.

User Info: Captainlunatic

4 years ago#10
BlueJuan posted...
I'm using the Attack on Titan Theme Song.

Mind sharing how you make it? I'd like to hear it.
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  3. Town Themes - what do you guys use?

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