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Turnip prices and Time Shift Ordinances

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User Info: Mumon

4 years ago#1
So a quick question regarding Turnip prices and the city ordinance that shifts store hours 3 hours later. As it is without any ordinances in place Re-Tail opens at 9 am and has the 1st price of the day for Turnips until noon. At noon the 2nd price for the day is set and that's good until 11 pm when retail closes.

If I put the ordinance in place that shifts things three hours later though, Re-Tail will open up at 11 am and be open until 2 am. So my question is does this also shift the Turnip prices too? Does Re-Tail now get the second price at 3 pm, or does it still change over at noon giving me only a single hour to get the prices and possibly sell them?

Also does setting this ordinance effect the Turnip seller at all? Normally he shows up Sunday morning but only sells turnips until noon. If I have this ordinance in place does he sell until 3 pm?

For sake of completion in this question, does the other ordinance that shifts things the other direction also shift Turnip stuff? For that matter I've noticed that the "start" of an Animal Crossing day is 6 am (That's when new fruit grows, dig spots spawn, mail is delivered, extra extra). Does the time shift ordinance also change that? (So the day starts at 3 am or 9 am depending on the ordnance.)

The stuff I really care about is the turnip stuff, but I am also fairly interested in the rest of the stuff also.

User Info: Pikaley

4 years ago#2
they are not time shifts, they either open 3 hrs early or stay open 3 extra hours, i repeat it does not shift the times by 3 hours......
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User Info: ThatSageGuy

4 years ago#3
No, late night makes villagers are awake and shop stay open 3 hours longer, that's all, nothing else changes. Same for the early morning one, animals are awake and things are open 3 hours earlier.
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User Info: Mumon

4 years ago#4
Well lovely then the late night ordinance that would really help me locks me in at only having 1 hour to get the morning prices for turnips (unless the prices change over at midnight I suppose).

User Info: Zero240

4 years ago#5
I have the Night Owl ordinance set in my town, and I can assure you that Re-Tail still opens at 9 AM.
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User Info: Gogo726

4 years ago#6
I assumed that as well before I enacted that ordinance. It was a pleasant surprise when it was an extension of hours, not a shift.
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