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Sci-Fi Set

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User Info: RoyMaster4

4 years ago#1
Trying to figure out the english names for the sci-fi set... This is what I own so far:

Wall-Mounted Monitor
Captain's Monitor
Space Console
Hologram Machine
Crew Member's Seat
Spherical Radar
Crew's Monitor
Space Captain's Seat

I also noticed one named 'Large Space Console', but it looks like it's the same as my Space Console. Is there a difference?

The FAQ seems to match up to all of these so far... I know there's a floor and wall (Though I'll probably be putting Astro in the same room so I don't need both). Is the Space Console the same as the Large Panel? Then what is the Small Guage, Communication Device, and Clock Moon Meter? I'm not sure....
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User Info: RoyMaster4

4 years ago#2
So I've been told that there's a Large Space Console, Small Space Console, and Space Console? This would line up with Small Guage, Communications Device, and Large Panel... which just leaves whatever the clock moon meter is.
3DS FC: 5026-4428-6076

User Info: PatricusMaximus

4 years ago#3
It's called the Future set. Could I perchance catalog what you have?

User Info: IceQueen64

4 years ago#4
Do you have proof that it's called the "Future" set outside of Japan? Future was the name of the Astro set in Japan.

I've been looking for this as well, as I would really like this one and haven't even come across it yet... nor can I find anything about it besides a picture.


4 years ago#5
By the way, the wall and floor is simply named "Sci Fi Wall" and "Sci Fi Floor" right? Because I'm looking for it on the trading boards, but nobody is responding.
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