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About the Dream Suite, Dream world, and Dream Addresses

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User Info: Winberuberu

4 years ago#1
I don't know if something like this should be posted in the normal board, or the Online/Trade split board, but...
For those who don't know how to unlock the Dream Suite, the requirements are to first have paid off the initial Loan to have your house built, and gain 100% approval of villagers thus making you the official mayor of your town, and have had Animal Crossing: New Leaf for at least 7 days(Time traveling works as well). After becoming the official mayor and gaining the ability to create Public work projects and set Town Ordinances, to unlock the Dream Suite Public work project, the player must enter the town hall and find Isabelle sleeping on the job(Busted!). Upon waking her up, Isabelle will apologize for sleeping. The player should then sit on the Mayor Chair(it doesn't have to be right away, the player can do it whenever), and Isabelle will mention that there has been a request for the "Dream Suite" as a public work project. The Dream Suite requires 234,000 bells to complete. After doing so, a new building in the plaza will be added the following day after all the money has been collected. Upon entering the Dream Suite, the player meets Luna, the Anteater(I think?) who runs the suite. There are 3 things the player can do in the Dream Suite:
1: Talk to Luna about details of the Dream Suite
2: Go to the couch in the back to send a Dream version of their town to Nintendo's data(Can be updated once per day, real time. Upon doing so, Luna will give the player 5,000 bells).
3: Lay on the bed in the middle of the suite to have a dream via:
-Random search(a little faulty, I would say)
-Criteria input
-Dream Address input

Once in the Dream world of the town the player has visited, the player's inventory will be empty(you obviously can't take material objects into a dream), and the player's character will be wearing pajamas. When exploring other player's towns via the Dream World, the player can generally do anything they could do in their own town, with the exception of catch bugs or fish, dig holes, go to the main street/plaza, visit other towns, or keep any fruits they have picked up(materializing items picked up from a dream? that would splendid! Also, as far as I know, any items laying on the ground are unseen to other players). The main point of visiting other player's towns through the Dream world is to view a player's house, their designs which can be found through Wendell, a fat blue Walrus, and to explore. It should also be noted that talking to any villagers that the player shares with the dream town will be addressed in a rather comical way(What're you doing in my dream? etc etc).

Now here's the part where I was unsure this topic should have been posted in the main board, or the split board: The Dream Address
**The Dream Address is basically a one-sided friend code which others can use to access your town and view it VIA the dream suite's Dream Address input.

I was thinking this topic could be used as a place where others post their Dream Address so anyone would be free to view their town should they wish to.

So, as a starter, my Dream Address is: 4000-2109-4460

If there are any details I missed, anyone please point them out.
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User Info: Rick Rack Roo

Rick Rack Roo
4 years ago#2
Luna's probably a tapir considering the Japanese connection of tapirs and dream-eating.
Vanee Par Sir!
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