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Island Medal Tips

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User Info: cbfstudios

4 years ago#1
Here's a tip for farming lots of island medal tips.

If you ever have the "Elite Scavenger" mini-game, take advantage of it on single player. ( SP makes it faster. )

You get 6 minutes and a gold is finishing before the 2 minute mark, which is really easy. One Gold rewards you with 16 medals! Once you get the hang of it you can finish before the 3:30 Mark easily, making farming go by faster. I got over 200 medals just playing the game 13 times in just over an hour. This is really good if you're collecting the daily furniture, or in my case trying buy tons of hibiscus saplings.

The major downside is that it gets boring and tedious, but that's the downside to farming anything in general.

Hope this helps

User Info: IvaPearl

4 years ago#2
ooo... I sure hope that is offered to me soon!
thanks for the tip!
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User Info: Duckerdoo

4 years ago#3
Meanwhile I'm grinding on Official Fossil Hunter for 9 medals per round.
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User Info: Dr_Koopa76

4 years ago#4
I prefer the Giant/Great Dragonfly tour

Longer, but you get 20 medals if you reach gold
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User Info: Guitarmin

4 years ago#5
Tuna Kahuna nets you 20 medals for 6 minutes.

User Info: Guitarmin

4 years ago#6
I should add, as long as you get 8 or 9 tunas which gets you the gold medal.

User Info: ac_helper

4 years ago#7
I like the Tuna fishing one as well. You get 20 medals for 8 tuna, but you have to play all 6 minutes. It's a nice break from the Scavenger Hunting.

Also, some notes about Elite Scavenger Hunt tours:

-There are always 5 houses scattered over the map, and each time you play, you get a randomly generated layout.
-You always get a list of 3 items to find.
-There will be 3 houses with 1 listed item each, and 2 houses with no listed items at all.
-The house layouts rotate between several different ones, they are NOT random; once you learn and memorize each possible layout, and where all the items in the particular layout are, you should be able to look at your list and be in and out of a house in a few seconds.
-The house items only include a few item sets: String Instruments, Chess Set pieces, Plant Set plants, Bonsais, Lucky Cats, Vases, and those tall columns. (Each item can look like another in the Set, which can be confusing to the novice, which is likely why these items were chosen).
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User Info: neb555

4 years ago#8
Already mentioned, but the Tuna and Dragonfly ones both have a long time limit, aren't very hard, and give 20 medals each for gold.

Also, play online. You get bonus medals for catching more, so I got 5 extra medals from Tuna Kahuna. That's 25 medals in 6 minutes.

Scavenger hunt is also easy as pie with 2+ people. 13 medals in a guaranteed 2 minutes really ads up.
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User Info: Blade_Kirby

4 years ago#9
ac_helper posted...
-There will be 3 houses with 1 listed item each, and 2 houses with no listed items at all.

Pretty sure I've had 2 items in the same house before.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure the idea of the OP is that it takes less than 6 minutes. Long time limits for tours is bad if you are speed farming. Like TC said, you can have this game done in 2 minutes and 30 seconds once you get good at it. Meanwhile tuna/dragonfly tourists have to keep running around catching things even if they hit the gold requirement already.
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User Info: ac_helper

4 years ago#10
Pretty sure I've had 2 items in the same house before.

That's odd. I never have, in over 60 of these tours. Guess I should play even more and see.
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