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Redd isn't coming

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User Info: SaraNana

4 years ago#1
So, every where I've read says that Redd come's once a week. Well, I have been playing for a month and I have yet to see Redd. Help, please? I can't figure out what the issue is. And yes, I time travel but so does my friend (she does it a lot more than I do, too) and he still comes once a week. Help!

User Info: Beckerage

4 years ago#2
games been over little over 2 weeks. how did you get it early?

User Info: Beckerage

4 years ago#3
ah a month with time traveling or real time?

User Info: lexy_

4 years ago#4
in my case I see redd once a month at least but not at the beginning
It is kinda weird if you did not see him maybe try a week or 2
Redd and Grace are super rare
At least he is for me
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User Info: SaraNana

4 years ago#5
Time traveling. Sorry for the confusion lol

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