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How to get neighbors pictures.

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User Info: dalario96

4 years ago#1
Thats pretty much it. I'm just curious
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User Info: BKXD

4 years ago#2
From the FAQ:
"You can receive a framed memento from your animal friends! Keep your
relationship good and they will give you their picture one day. They may even
give you more than one!

Talking to your villager daily, writing them letters, and performing errands
for them all help keep a relationship good.

Try this "trick" when writing letters: type "a ri ga to u" (the Japanese word
for "thank you") on the first line, and type "to mo da chi" (the Japanese word
for "friend") on the next three to five lines. This typically gets a written
response from the villager. If you attach a present to the letter (try
something that matches the villagers favorite Visual Impression or Color), you
may receive something attached to the villager's reply.

If you are playing the Korean version, try typing "goma-wo" (the Korean word
for "thank you" (familiar)) on the first line, and typing "chingu" (the Korean
word for "friend") on the next three to five lines.

The pics do not appear in the catalog, and they are worth only 10 bells when
sold at R. Parkers.

There are three ways to receive a villager's pic:

1) Receive it directly from the villager as a reward for fulfilling a request:
a) retrieving a rare insect
b) obtaining six signatures from another town for a petition
c) curing illness with Medicine
d) return an otoshimono or "thing inadvertently dropped and lost"
2) Receive it in a letter from the villager after they move out of town.
a) "friendship" must be high
3) April Fool's Day
a) correctly identify imposter"
3DS: 3823-8537-2922 (BillNWI)
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