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So Let's Talk DLC

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User Info: Merlin_Rune

4 years ago#1
I'm taking a bit of an interest in the distribution item for New Leaf and I'd like to clear up a few points I'm confused about.

- Are the DLC items released in Japan able to be ordered from the catalog like the American items are?

- Do other regions besides Japan and the US have these distributions and, if so, are their items different from those being given out in the US? Can they be ordered from the catalog?

- I've already managed to nab the rainbow screen, palm tree lamp, and raccoon clock, but I'm having a really hard time getting the cat tower. I've tried downloading it both at an actual Best Buy location and using the SSID trick on my home network. In both cases, Pelly told me something along the lines of "Nice try, mister, but you've already got this item!" I definitely do NOT have the cat tower and my attempts were made yesterday, so it was definitely during the cat tower distribution period. I've already contacted Nintendo about this and they've contacted my local Best Buy, but I don't know if/when I will be able to go there and complete the event. Any ideas?

On a slightly different note, I would be more than happy to trade copies of the rainbow screen, palm tree lamp, and/or raccoon clock in exchange from DLC items from other regions. If this is possible and you are interested, feel free to let me know.
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User Info: Merlin_Rune

4 years ago#2
As a follow-up on my third point, I just managed to download the cat tower by changing my home network's SSID to "Bestbuy" and ALSO disabling my wifi network's password protection temporarily. I typically wouldn't suggest that to anyone, but it let me nab my own cat tower.
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User Info: DeepsPraw

4 years ago#3
-some, not all. A lot of them aren't.

-yep. Europe's got one going right now, and it can't be ordered from the catalog

Unfortunately, the american DLC items aren't worth very much
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User Info: Merlin_Rune

4 years ago#4
Is there any SSID trick that will allow someone in the US to get their hands on the European distribution item going out right now?
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User Info: Rapi16

4 years ago#5
Not as far as we know, no. People who have tried changing there SSID to the European ones are still getting their American DLC or told they've already gotten them. It recognizes your console, I think?
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User Info: Liquefy

4 years ago#6
Consult my Item FAQ to see which DLC is not orderable from the catalog.
Consult my FAQ for the lists of DLC by regional version of the game.

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