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best hybrid guide?

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User Info: dietotaku

4 years ago#1
i've been trying to locate the most... easy to understand hybrid guide. has to have pictures. the most comprehensive image-based guide i've found is on bidoof's tumblr, but it gets a little confusing to ask "what do i do to make black tulips?" and try to get a straight answer out of it... maybe that's the fault of the game mechanics rather than the guide's organization, but you get like 8 different answers to that question and 75% of them involve other hybrid colors. personally i'm not interested in what orange plus black or pink plus purple makes (unless it's part of the process to get a new color), but maybe other people find that useful. are there any visual hybrid guides that do a better job of simplifying all this information? should i keep plugging away in photoshop trying to reorganize this myself?

User Info: dietotaku

4 years ago#2

User Info: Nintendo316T

4 years ago#3

Not visual but helpful.
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