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Best Island Tour for easy medals.

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User Info: Clarkeface

4 years ago#1
Just wondering which is everyone's favourite tour for raking in those medals!

Mine is the elite scavenger hunt! but its pretty hit n miss if you do well or not so :/
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User Info: salmonjam

4 years ago#2
How many can you get on the elite scavenger tour? I can get 9 every single time on the easy scavenger tour, so if that's available I go for that one. I usually get 8 medals for the easy bug catching tour.

For crappy tours, stay away from the gem collecting one. I filled my entire inventory with gems with like 90 seconds left and I only got 2 stinking medals.
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User Info: byte_girl

4 years ago#3
The "Tuna Kahuna" tour. 20 medals.

User Info: salmonjam

4 years ago#4
byte_girl posted...
The "Tuna Kahuna" tour. 20 medals.

Wow! That one hasn't shown up yet. Fishing mini-game? How long does it take to complete?
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3DS FC: 3840-5486-8379

User Info: byte_girl

4 years ago#5
6 minutes.

User Info: xAzNFoRcEx

4 years ago#6
Elite Scavanger Hunt is probably the best one. It stacks up medals in the fastest time possible.
And after doing for awhile, you remember what each furniture looks like.

After that, I would do the Elite Toy Hammer. The Tour itself is 3 minutes, which is
the least amount of time required for any tour. It is very easy too, just stand in front
of the machine and it will keep driving while you can keep whacking at it.
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User Info: JennDoombringer

4 years ago#7
I'm partial to the Elite Scavenger. 16 medals, and it uses the same furniture every time, so it won't take long to be able to recognize everything by appearance.
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User Info: Cat333Pokemon

4 years ago#8
I was able to race through the easy gardening tour in 1 minute, 40 seconds repeatedly, but you only get 6 medals out of that. Are any of the higher level ones better?
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User Info: LightHawKnight

4 years ago#9
Nothing beats elite scavenger tour. 16 medals in 1-3 minutes depending on your luck. If do the Tuna one, you get 20 medals for 6 minutes I believe, now if you do the elite scavenger hunt fast enough you can easily get 32 medals in 6 minutes.
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User Info: Master Espeon

Master Espeon
4 years ago#10
The higher-rank missions give better medals, yes, as you can see above.

I see tuna kahuna, elite hammer, and elite scavenger are already mentioned. I find scavenger best for medals, easewise, but tuna kahuna and elite hammer are nice as you can take a break once you hit the requirement for gold (8 tuna or 60 hits)

Good thing there's multiple options, seeing as you can't get scavenger all the time
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