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Have you time traveled in New Leaf?

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User Info: SalsaSavant

4 years ago#1
Have you? - Results (339 votes)
25.96% (88 votes)
Yes, but it was a side effect of an honest clock adjustment
9.14% (31 votes)
64.9% (220 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Have you jumped around?
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User Info: -Zeke-

4 years ago#2
Proud Mayor of the town of Aniville
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User Info: GodTaz

4 years ago#3
No, I'm not a cheater who hates fun.
Everything is only as it is.

User Info: SilverClock

4 years ago#4
GodTaz posted...
No, I'm not a cheater who hates fun.

And so it begins..
"Complacency is the womb of mediocrity." ~Jason Manley
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User Info: 7up1001

4 years ago#5
*grabs popcorn*


*chokes on popcorn*

*cough* Ahem...

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User Info: metallica621

4 years ago#6
Maybe if we quit posting in topics like this they would thin out?
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User Info: matthewtheman

4 years ago#7
GodTaz posted...
No, I'm not a cheater who hates fun.

I don't see what's unfun about TTing. I'm not a TTer(I was in WW though) but I'm not sure how it makes the game less fun.
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User Info: Lirishae

4 years ago#8
GodTaz posted...
No, I'm not a cheater who hates fun.

Because there's TOTALLY only one way to have fun with a game, right? Besides that, time traveling is not a cheat; it's an exploit. Cheating is using a third party program or device, or a cheat code. An exploit is using an in-game mechanic in a way unintended for standard play.

Examples of cheating:
-Using a bot to farm money on an MMORPG
-Using an AR to catch Pokemon with perfect IVs
-Typing the cheat code "It is a good day to die" in Warcraft II

Examples of exploits:
-Using the Pokemon duplication glitch in Pokemon Emerald
-Changing the clock on Animal Crossing to see events early
-..I actually can't think of a third one off the top of my head
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User Info: LordAlistair

4 years ago#9
Yes I have.

I regret nothing.

User Info: danmiy12

4 years ago#10
Even though the first week was the slowest most boring part of the game...I'm glad I don't TT and now the game is pretty fun
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