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Two Dream Suites?

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User Info: monkaroo

4 years ago#1
After updating my Dream Suite Town Luna gave me a new number. My old number is still there,(I even visited it and ran into myself ....freaky. My neighbors even recognized me!!!). Why did this happen? I am the only player on my DS and I did not reset my village or anything. Any idea what's going on? Mayor Suzy of Monkaroo.

User Info: monkaroo

4 years ago#2
Please,.....Anybody have any theories? Is this normal or did I mess something up?

User Info: Mach_Jentra

4 years ago#3
Did you get the top number on your TPC (FC for online play) mixed up with the number at the bottom (Dream Address)? Because I've updated my Dream Address and it hasn't changed.
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User Info: monkaroo

4 years ago#4 is my original Dream Code 4800-2179-7324 and this is the new one she gave me,
4800-2269-6919. They are both Monkaroo, have the same friend code and the same neighbors.
It's very freaky. Like I said, my neighbors knew me in my dream when i dream suited my old town. Hopefully someone else has had this experience.......any info would be appreciated.

User Info: Dracovis

4 years ago#5
It's a nightmare village. That wasn't the normal Suite attendant, it was her 'evil twin'. You can tell by the goatee if you look closely. Don't spend too long in the old dream!
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User Info: Nanabobo

4 years ago#6
Mine changed once, too, about a day after I got the Dream Suite. Did you use a different character to update the dream? I think that might be what did it, but I'm just guessing.
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User Info: monkaroo

4 years ago#7
I only have one player on the game (Mayor Suzy). Luna even said it was a new number but didn't say why. I got a little ticked off thinking they reassigned my number so I dream suited it and........
It was still my village. Surely I'm not the only one this has happened to.

User Info: monkaroo

4 years ago#8
There's no 'evil' in my village. Well, except for that suspicious looking goat, Gruff. Come to mention it, he has horns. Lol
All kidding aside, this is sorta messing with me. I was trying to build up my visitor number and then this happened. Granted I only has 5 visitors but still. It's the principle of it.

User Info: Jumpultimate

4 years ago#9
Did you change whether or not others can take your designs?
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User Info: monkaroo

4 years ago#10
No. I've always shared them ( even though I don't have any worth sharing. Lol ). I don't remember doing anything different. How can they allow two numbers for the same town and player? This is going to drive me crazy.

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