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Toy Hammer

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User Info: itzhitmonlee

4 years ago#1
I keep seeing people selling toy hammers on the trading board. I was wondering, how do you get them?
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User Info: Joche7566

4 years ago#2
They are a rare item that pops up on your island for purchase with medals every so often.
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User Info: danmiy12

4 years ago#3
You cant buy from the island it appears rarely
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User Info: Phazon Weapon

Phazon Weapon
4 years ago#4
I believe you get them on the international island, at club tortimer. Not sure how many medals it goes for.

User Info: itzhitmonlee

4 years ago#5
Oh. Okay, thank you. Do they break ever? like the Silver Axe?
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User Info: Styluses

4 years ago#6
itzhitmonlee posted...
Oh. Okay, thank you. Do they break ever? like the Silver Axe?

I don't think they ever break

They cost 10 medals, and they can show up on your personal island.
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