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Gracie Fashion Check

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User Info: Aeoas

4 years ago#1
I've met Gracie today for the first time. She wants me to meet her theme of "ornate" I have an ornate beard but what's her policy on these fashion checks? Can I get away with only one of the items she wants for a clothing theme?

User Info: Aeoas

4 years ago#2
no ideas?

User Info: PigLatinHaiku

4 years ago#3
Everything I've read says "most" of your clothing has to match the theme, but that's vague. Does that mean that out of hat, accessory, shirt, pants, shoes, and socks, I have to have four items that match the theme? What if I'm wearing an ornate shirt and ornate pants and go barefoot with no hat or accessory?
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User Info: dietotaku

4 years ago#4
to be on the safe side, i would make sure that anything you're wearing is ornate. so if you don't have ornate socks/shoes, don't wear socks/shoes. don't give her an excuse to say something clashes, ya know?
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User Info: DragonReborn97

4 years ago#5
I hate Gracie. She's so ugly.

That is all.
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User Info: rarity678

4 years ago#6
I wore one thing that was a different style from what she wanted and I still passed her test.
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User Info: Reptobismol

4 years ago#7
Today she wanted the RnR theme, and I wore three pieces without removing my other three (which coincidentally were iconic theme) and passed her test.

So I guess try to get at least three pieces and avoid wearing anything that automatically fails when mixed with her suggested theme?
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User Info: Kazagin_

4 years ago#8
There are three requirements, as far as I can tell, for passing a Fashion Check.

1.) You must wear at least 2 pieces of clothing of the proper theme.

2.)You must be wear shoes and an accessory. Whether you have a hat, some glasses, or a helmet, you need something besides clothes. Shoes are also a must.
Failing to meet this requirement will result in Gracie not even looking at your outfit. You do not pass go, you do not collect $200.

3.) When mixing themes, you must not wearing ANYTHING from a conflicting style. For example, if my theme is Rock n' Roll and I show up wearing something Official, I will instantly fail the check because Rock n' Roll conflicts with Official.

Even if you make certain to not wearing conflicting styles, you should also be certain that you have at least 2 pieces of clothing more for your theme than for another theme.
For example, say my theme is Sporty. I don't have any Sporty shoes, so I have to wear a different style of shoes. I make sure they aren't one of the conflicting style.
Since they aren't conflicting, my shoes only count as a -1 against my score. In order to pass, I now need to wear 3 Sporty items. 1 to counter the -1 and 2 to count towards my pass.

I cannot be 100% certain of everything I said, but I passed all four Fashion Checks so I'm fairly confident that it is correct.
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