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User Info: Cerataphora

4 years ago#1
I see in Reggie's house mannequins, but they're not on the list of stuff in his house. Does anybody know how to get one of these?
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User Info: pygmiegoat

4 years ago#2
Buy enough stuff at the Sable sisters' and talk to Mable? (the one at the sewing machine) a lot and eventually they'll give you one. I think the max is four sadly. I wanted a ton so I could save space in my museum for more clothes.
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User Info: Strain42

4 years ago#3
You get 1 Mannequin for befriending Sable (talk to her for 10 days)

One from Mabel by buying 51 pieces of Clothing

One from Labelle for buying at least 1 accessory a day for 31 days (doesn't have to be in order)

and one from Gracie upon making your first purchase in her shop.

I only have the Sable one so far.
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User Info: maccarnold

4 years ago#4
Buy a bunch of clothes and accessories from the store. And talk everyday to the busy character on the sewing machine. You will get 3 eventually.
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