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Spotpass issues

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User Info: Phillthom

4 years ago#1
Am I missing something here? I walk past two hotspots on my way to and from work and yet haven't received either a Nook Clock or a Shaved Ice Lamp (I'm I'm the UK). My DS is set up to receive spotpass and everything yet nothings come through.

You you actually have to stay at the spot and download it manually or should they come through automatically just by passing?

User Info: Kellye8498

4 years ago#2
You need to go to the post office in game and tell it that you want to online gift.
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User Info: Phillthom

4 years ago#3
I tried that, but Pelly gave me the 'you've already had this month's present' speech. Do you have to connect to the Internet at the hotspot to receive it?

User Info: yasoukyoku

4 years ago#4
You have to actually go to a Nintendo Zone (not any hotspot will do) and then download it in-game while being connected. (You can fake a Nintendo Zone by connecting to any hotspot with SSID "_The Cloud" though).

While some giveaways have been done by SpotPass, they've currently only been in Japan/Korea (letters from Nintendo) and America (SpotPass StreetPasses), with Europe getting nothing.

User Info: Phillthom

4 years ago#5
I tried the renaming trick but my DS refused to connect. Anyway I called at one of the hotspots (which is a Nintendo zone as I thought) on my way home from work today and it worked! Helloooo shaved ice lamp! If only I'd known, I could have gotten that awesome Nook clock!

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