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Time travel backwards?

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User Info: halps

4 years ago#1
I just noticed my 3ds says july 20th and the same ingame. I need to fix the date and the only way to do that is by going back 1 day. Will this affect me in anyway?

User Info: flame_master14

4 years ago#2
I'd do everything you can for the 20th first, since you'll be getting a free day out of it.
Assuming you never actually played on the "19th," you should be fine, but if you did then you'll have already done everything and there won't be any fossils and stuff.

User Info: SpacePirateKhan

4 years ago#3
Most things reset whe backwards traveling. Fossils don't for some reason, but I imagine they would if you travelled way back the went ahead a day at a time, haven't tested yet though.
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User Info: ketheriel

4 years ago#4
The consequences for time travel are reflected not in your game but upon your soul. Time is the domain of God Himself and is not for mortals to trifle with. Woe unto ye.
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User Info: jubjub106

4 years ago#5
its fine i do it nothing happens.
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User Info: Happygogo

4 years ago#6
Your game time is stored as an offset of the System Date. If you want to fix the time in game, you'll only need to change the 3DS System Date and move it back one day.

I would suggest setting your system date to the correct date, but do not play for the next 24 hours to avoid any possible overlap of game time. If you overlap time, the game will detect time travel and your turnips will spoil.

User Info: codya30

4 years ago#7
Stop! If you don't already know the adverse effects of time traveling, look them up. Decide on whether or not you care about what happens. If you don't care, change the date, if you do care, do this:

If you've already played on the 20th, don't go back to the 19th. Play the day like you normally would then save and quit. Go to the Home menu. Look and remember what time your 3ds currently says, maybe write it down.

Then, tommorrow, in real life, when it's the time you last played, or later, set the date and time on your 3ds to be the correct time. (Just double check that the time is absolutely correct before you load up the game on the Home menu, and double check once you start up a character in game.) You won't have any negative effects from time travelling or otherwise. (Except not getting to play animal crossing for like... a whole day. Aww man.)
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User Info: TaylorC95

4 years ago#8
As long as you don't have turnips you'll be fine, they will spoil if you TT backwards :)
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User Info: halps

4 years ago#9
Thanks guys :)
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