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Bathroom ideas?

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User Info: gamenwatch1992

4 years ago#11
put some pootoids of different sizes in there and turn them on. Set up a radio playing "Only Me"

Don't forget the gold toilet.
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User Info: Mortred

4 years ago#12
totaldude94 posted...
People have washing machines in their bathrooms...?

That's the standard in many countries - just not the U.S.
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User Info: dietotaku

4 years ago#13
codya30 posted...
Whatever the bathroom wall sink is. Maybe the mop. Also, a screen, bathmat, some plants. Drawers or shelves. Washer/dryer.

washer/dryer does not belong in a bathroom. no sir.

mine has a toilet, claw foot tub, shower, shower stall, bathtub (redone in marble), whirlpool bath, bathroom sink and makeup thingy.
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User Info: TimidTaguel

4 years ago#14
Currently, mine has Shower Stall, Toilet (customized with silver ore), Bathroom Sink, Bathtub, and Spa Chair (which is shaped like a pyramid of blue toilet paper rolls). I have the Mermaid Wall and Carpet, and it actually looks pretty good with the stuff I have in there. I'm pretty happy with it, but I'll be adding and changing stuff once I finish expanding it.
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User Info: codya30

4 years ago#15
ventilation fan...
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