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So who here has an original town name, tune and flag?

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  3. So who here has an original town name, tune and flag?

User Info: Mark1117

4 years ago#31
I have no originality.
I won't say my town name, but I have Luigi (Super Mario Kart) flag and a Dr. Mario town tune
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User Info: EpicYoshi801

4 years ago#32
Town Name: Borginia (Ace Attorney & Dino Crisis, though I've never played the latter)
Town Tune: Turnabout Sisters (Ace Attorney)
Town Flag: Default bug pattern (I'm too lazy to make my own)
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User Info: Sky Render

Sky Render
4 years ago#33
Well, my town's named after the homeworld from Kerbal Space Program (Kerbin), and my town tune's the Song of Storms (strangely popular, Zelda tunes are...). But my flag is original! Mostly because it's my personal logo. I tend to use it pretty much everywhere I get the chance to customize a logo, in fact.
Sky Render - The Hitchhiker's Guide to Harvest Moon: now includes HM DS!

User Info: MettanAtem

4 years ago#34
It's only natural I'd give a Touhou theme to my town.

My town's name is Chirei, an abbreviation of "Chireiden".
The town tune is a short snippet of "Beloved Tomboyish Girl".
My flag:

User Info: TheWiseliestOne

4 years ago#35
I came up with the the town name (Lunsol) myself, and I'm planning on making my own flag, by my town tune is Canalave City's theme from Pokemon Platinum.
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User Info: Adrastia

4 years ago#36
My town is called Azalea, after my favorite flower. My flag is a pink azalea with two leaves. I wanted to make a fuchsia colored azalea because it's my favorite variety, but the palette wasn't to my liking. I imagine a lot of people would assume my flag is a cherry blossom if they saw it. But the town name should set them straight.

I haven't messed with the town tune. I'm far from musically inclined.
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User Info: mumpsy21

4 years ago#37
Is it original if I named my town "Death"?
Tune is livin' on a prayer
and I made the flag design myself.(a "13" in the middle of a maze)
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User Info: MorbidEngel

4 years ago#38
Town: Kakariko
Tune: Saria's Song
Flag: this face

User Info: DarthSamus

4 years ago#39
Town Name: Bosstown (my own name)
Town Flag: Nicholas Cage's Face (used a QR code)
Town Tune: the opening riff of "The Pretty Road" by Maria Schneider (
3DS FC: 0259-03377381

User Info: JoeDangIt

4 years ago#40
Town name is Bellberg, y'know 'cause I was thinking of bells when I made it and "berg" is just a suffix you see at the at the end of a town name (it is, right?)
Town tune is Saria's Song
Town Flag is a jolly roger with a bell instead of a skull that I drew
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  3. So who here has an original town name, tune and flag?

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