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What are your museum displays?

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User Info: Stormfeather

4 years ago#1
So after posting in a thread about house layout, now I'm wondering what everyone's done with their four museum display rooms.

I figure there are probably a lot of Nintendo/Balloon rooms - I had those displayed as well for a while just to get rid of them, but finally stored them away to have room for other displays.

So my current displays I have/am working on are:

Top left: An undersea room. Using the underwater flooring, and currently a mermaid wall (is there a wallpaper to match the underwater floor?) Don't have TOO much there yet. Diver Dan, a wavebreaker, diving helmet sitting in the corner, a giant clam shell, and some of the ores I had stored up to look like crystal/coral/whatever jutting up from the ocean floor. Might put some fish in tanks in there and some more shells... I don't know, I might just end up scrapping that room, I don't have as much for it as I thought I might.

Top right: the pirate theme. This is probably my most "typical" one. :p The stuff you get from Pascal, plus I have like three of the themed hats in glass display cases in there. (Pirate, Captain, and Sailor's, I think?)

Bottom Left: Kitty Garden. It's a kind of Japanese garden area, with a couple benches, and then various cats you can get. (The lucky cat set, the paper tiger, the cat post that came from the Best Buy promotion... and once I get a spare mannequin, I'm going to put the kitty clothing on it in there.)

Bottom Right: Museum Cafe, or at least that's the plan. I've thrown a lot of stuff in there that might work with it, including the stuff you get from Brewster but... I've realized I don't really have any nice counters or whatever that you can put things on and make it look like an actual cafe, and for now it's just basically a ton of stuff stored in there that I still need to sort through/arrange. This is another one I might end up scrapping. -_-

If I do scrap one, I'll probably end up making a weapons/armor display room. Not sure if I wanna junk the undersea room or cafe for it though, or just leave it as-is (well, once I get things better arranged.)
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User Info: nintendogger

4 years ago#2
-Villager Pics
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User Info: ___bunny___

4 years ago#3
None are finished...

....I currently have pirate, space, nintendo, and undecided.
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User Info: byte_girl

4 years ago#4
All four of mine are filled with clothes & random items.

User Info: SuperMarioBruvs

4 years ago#5

I'm not very creative.
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User Info: Master Espeon

Master Espeon
4 years ago#6
So far I have a fruit exhibit and I'm gonna have a cabin/old villager pic room.

Still need some perfect fruit and something cooler than the citrus wall/floor for the fruit room though...

EDIT: Yes, there's a wall to match the underwater floor but you need to catch all the fish/sea creatures to do so.
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User Info: pinkhobos

4 years ago#7
-storage (hats, pants, and shoes)
-storage ( shirts and dresses )
-storage (furniture)
-not open
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User Info: Pokegirl

4 years ago#8
Two exhibit rooms, both clothes, organized into sets by style.
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User Info: SabreWlf

4 years ago#9
Two for Nintendo items (one for all the bloody big ones, and one for everything else), one for the golden series and one for the balloon series.

Growing weary of the golden stuff though, thinking of clearing all of that out and putting something else in there instead

User Info: illbzo1

4 years ago#10
Gems - 1 of each type of ore, with tall and flat display cases to make the room look more official.

Space - slowly filling it up with space theme items.

Pirate - All of Pascal's Pirate theme here. I may redo since I've completed the set and it's not that interesting to me.

Around the World - Gulliver items. I may redo this one so it's only items that will fit in a glass display case, but I don't have many of his items yet, and it's a big series.
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