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Gamefaqs NL Community: Bad?

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User Info: osang-21

4 years ago#21
Snorlord posted...
I think it's funny that anybody would suggest they had an opinion on this. Consider the entire AC:NL GameFAQs community. Different members are on at different times on different days of the week. These factors change. They do different things (i.e. not the same thing over and over) as time goes by. The probability that you see a large majority of these occurrences is (I'm assuming here) low. The problems cited by the OP were mostly from today and yesterday (recency effect:, iirc. Also, you need to account for the fact that focusing on the idea of 'bad community members' will draw your attention to other 'bad community members:' (e.g. the hundreds of successful transactions that go without a hitch on the boards would be counterevidence, something not accounted for in your explanation).


tl;dr: You're condensing the community into a neat little narrative based on your observations. However, you lose out on descriptive power because of your oversimplification.

I personally think your observation is meaningless.

I addressed the fact that a majority of this community are honest men who flawlessly execute transactions. I did not say in my first post that this board was a community ridden by selfish and inconsiderate manipulators. I know all that you say are true, this is a community in flux. But, explain to me how this board keeps on having threads that cry wolf at others for the past month. I was robbed of a set MONTHS ago. I saw scam alerts MONTHS ago. I did not say, in ANY of my opening post that the whole community is bad. Maybe my topic title is a little misleading and could be worded better to suit the conversation.

Before you go citing Wikipedia and ride your tall horse, please read my post more carefully, unless 4 stars in the beginning and end of my first sentence wasn't enough. Thank you.
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User Info: Guts Dozer

Guts Dozer
4 years ago#22
Snorlord posted...
Guts Dozer posted...
Snorlord posted...
Blah blah

You're way over thinking everything. Of course not the entire community is bad, but the trade community can get very frustrating and greedy. Especially compared to the other communities I've seen.

1. Rude way to quote someone.
2. You obviously don't comprehend my post as you still suggest that your limited observations mean anything.

You do realize you're the one being rude first. And you're just proving the point. You can make observations even if they're limited. But I assume you're just going to retort in a more condescending way.
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User Info: PKMNTrainerPink

4 years ago#23
tbh honest guys, if I'm a part of the community it can't be that bad
This jopic is not a toke

User Info: TheBlitzAce

4 years ago#24
There are a few scammers out there and I can't really say who scammed me because, when I made a thread warning everyone to look out for this user, I got suspended and lost Karma. I'm still a little upset. It's a little sad that we get in trouble when we warn people about legit scammers. Oh well.

Just be careful guys.
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User Info: Sun-n-Oars

4 years ago#25
This board no
Trading board yes

Here's why
The trading board is frustrating, all it is, is people looking for dupers and the few people that are honest and trying to sell something get buried under that and the occasional turnip thread
For example I tried to buy a pair of green plad shorts (common item) I just liked them for the look...after an hour of
I just gave up the search.
On the other hand I do like the catalogue parties since money doesn't really matter much to me on this game


It's a make work job on this board
The trolls are few and far between and not really problems
So the honest players looking to get their friends lists filled get the hammer dropped on them just because its "Wifi discussion"
My fl is full of provisional friend cards due to the Looking for visitors/friends threads are removed faster than I can say "Resetti" (to lazy to remove them). But it's sad to see... I mean those friend reqs are few and far between and one at a time is usually enough to get a good number of FCs (usually 20 or so before it dies) from what I seen from the successful ones

I guess you can say I want a better foundation for the community cause the current one doesn't work for me
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User Info: gamerman57

4 years ago#26
The trade board is really bad. It always has been. Ever since people learned you could get a lot of bells quickly by manipulating the beetle spawns, the started charging ridiculous prices for common things that could be re-ordered. I guess they assumed that since they got a ****load of bells this way, that everyone else did as well and were okay with spending a lot for common items.

Duping made things worse.

And now people charge absurd amounts for villagers.

User Info: Enfusionist

4 years ago#27
Reading all the posts, I can see the points made by others, especially by those who are lacking funds to keep up with the richer portion of the trade community.

It's hard to say whether something is "good" or "bad" objectively since different wealth positions, ideals, etc, will lead to different points of views.

I think a more optimal approach would be to split the trade boards into wealth classes. I know it sounds discriminatory, but this way the common/cheap trades can actually catch attention without being bumped off the front-page. And at the same time, we can still have the topics that cater to the richer folk without being scrutinized. Of course, it would take a bit of effort to make sure topics are placed in the proper wealth-strata.

But since all trades are mashed into one board, it is only natural for the higher-demanded topics to stay at the top of the list. Standard economies work by Supply-and-Demand, regardless of how big or small it is. If enough people "want" something, and many of them are able to pay high, then the price of that item will be high assuming that the supply is low (for example, certain popular villagers). That's basic economics.

That is what is being seen here, and thus is not necessarily "good" or "bad", but just "normal/expected" given these conditions.
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User Info: Puglia77

4 years ago#28
I believe this community is one of the better GameFAQs online/trading board communities. I have been to plenty in my time on GameFAQs: Pokemon DPPtHGSS trading, Mario Kart Online, SSBB Online, City Folk trading, and here.

Pokemon: I believe this is the worst. When I was there, my main reason was to collect event Pokemon or shinies, or other rares. Sure, it's great to start out and everyone clones, but if you want legit Pokemon and not hacks, then nope. They had a lot of hacks, and it was better to go to Neoseeker.

Mario Kart and SSBB: It was alright. They had their fair share of DC'ers, but if you were in a guild, you were fine.

Animal Crossing: Best trading/online community I've seen here. My first Animal Crossing game was City Folk, and I got it for Christmas 2008. I remember a few days after I got it, I met one really nice person late at night and he very generously gave me rare items (Albeit hacked, but still). I was also in a guild in City Folk with my IRL friend, and they were realky friendly. I saw the generosity everywhere on those boards for the 5 months I went there. And it definitely spread to New Leaf. Don't think about the scammers. If you do, you'll just have a hard time. The amount of scammers (which is very low from what I've seen) compared to the number of generous and legit people just blow them out of the water.

User Info: nintendogger

4 years ago#29
I haven't personally had a bad experience yet, and have had tons of super cool dupers do me amazing favors too. I do think that some of the more immature ones are a bit bratty about stuff which affects the board as a whole.
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User Info: Stableyez

4 years ago#30
It's not that bad, but if you compare it to something like ACC, then yeah, you could say it's lagging behind.
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