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Instrument shelter?

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User Info: Ylissian

4 years ago#1
Does the instrument shelter (PWP) do anything? I remember pressing A on it in a Dream Town and it told me I was opening it on the wrong side. I could be mistaking it with something else though. Thanks in advance.
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User Info: phisho873

4 years ago#2
Tells you the weather (for tomorrow?)
Shut up.

User Info: PokeFan2011

4 years ago#3
If you press A while facing the back of it, it tells what the weather will be when the hour changes.
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User Info: chameleonsoup

4 years ago#4
It tells you the weather for the next hour. It only works when you stand behind it. I had to demolish and rebuild mine because I didn't know that!
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User Info: Ylissian

4 years ago#5
Ah, I see. Thanks!
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