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Tanning in new leaf?

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User Info: boyleche

4 years ago#1
I've tanned before, by going onto the island and doing a few island tours, then i'm tan the next day.. but that was weeks ago.. now its like i go to the island and no matter how long i play i don't tan?
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User Info: Erukia

4 years ago#2
Are you wearing a helmet, or a hat with a rim?
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User Info: boyleche

4 years ago#3
nope. i usually go hat-less, or i'll wear the small crown. but when i go to the island i take off the hat. i never wear masks... i spent an hour on the island today which should have been more than enough compared to previous experiences and i TT'd to the next day like i always do to get the tan and i wasn't tan this time..
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User Info: lj_sephiroth

4 years ago#4
Any head stuff limits suntanning from what I learned. The halo for instance does that.
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User Info: HylianAngel

4 years ago#5
Not any head stuff. Only some head stuff.
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User Info: boyleche

4 years ago#6
i never wear hats on the island... i thought the island was in a perpetual summer which allows for year round tanning.. i don't get why its not working
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User Info: grepps

4 years ago#7
This isn't confirmed at all, but I think TTing messes up your tan. I had been tan for weeks and just TTd a bit today to get a villager to move out and now I'm incredibly pale again.
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User Info: boyleche

4 years ago#8
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User Info: Caleb_W

4 years ago#9
I grabbed this from the FAQ about tanning. I'm not sure if it'll help:

Liquefy posted...
July 16 to September 15 - Tanning Season
Your player can tan while playing outside at least 15 minutes between 10am and
5pm, if it is not raining (and your player is not carrying an umbrella or
wearing an item that prevents tanning). There are seven stages to the
tanning, leading to a shade close to that of the darkest fur on [Tom Nook]
Tanukichi {Neogul}.

There's also a list of items that prevent tanning underneath that, but it's really long.
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User Info: boyleche

4 years ago#10
ugh so i can't tan all year? that sucks... i like my tan
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