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Grass is Light Green (Please help!) T.T

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User Info: bella1655

4 years ago#1
So I recently did some TTing to catalog items for my trades on the online trading board. I happened to accidentally set the date back 7 days rather than six, so when I came back my town was infested in weeds, I had bedhead, and the grass was light green.
I understood that weeds and bedhead arrive, but now the grass turning LIGHT GREEN! All my bushes and trees are also light green...
I took out a few of the weeds, but ended pressing the power button and slamming the ds lid in frustration because I rage over little things like this in video games. Especially animal crossing new leaf because my favorite villagers may want to move out now.. Someone tell me how to get rid of this. Is it the effect of having a rafflessia, because I didn't check for one.. Someone help me before I quit playing the game for weeks, months even. This event has helped me to realize this game has taken over my life in various ways. I don't go outside, I don't hang out with friends. Basically I sit inside and play it all day everyday. The hours I have played are over 150..
I'm getting off topic yes, but please answer me and help me..
Name: Bella. Town: Guam

User Info: HiImOhYeahDaisy

4 years ago#2
Why should we help you when you admit that you cheated by exploiting the game for time traveling?

Have you learned your lesson to not cheat and play the game normally yet?

User Info: nintendogger

4 years ago#3
Don't worry about anything, it's all gonna be okay.
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User Info: D00D64

4 years ago#4
Why should we assist you for being an idiot about time travel? You gotta be careful about that kind of thing, y'know! I could tell you why your grass is light green, but I'm not going give you an explanation, as easy as it is to say why. You'll figure it out.
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User Info: bella1655

4 years ago#5
I admit that I cheated I just wanted to help someone out by giving them their favorite set. I realized that I set it by a month that's why...
Im done with this game for now. I can't play anymore.
I wanted help because I thought maybe you could forgive me, and have sympathy. Maybe because I wanted to help someone out..
And thanks to the other person who said it would be okay, your really nice. Thank you so much for understanding.
Name: Bella. Town: Guam

User Info: ketheriel

4 years ago#6
Your grass will be fine.

Your soul, however, will not. Forever shall you be known both on earth and in the heavens as one who dared usurp the Lord's seat and attempt dominance over time, that which is His domain. Nay,

Forever shall you be tormented in the afterlife, and rightfully so. Such mortal folly invokes eternal damnation. Woe unto thee, sinner! Woe unto thee!

But your grass should be fine, no problem there.
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User Info: bella1655

4 years ago#7
Thanks for telling me that my grass will be fine, but i only time traveled in a video game. Even if I could take God's place in the real world I certainly would not because he is the one God. If you aren't a believer of God I completely am okay with that, just please no wars about it okay?
Also, if they can manage to create time teleportation devices in the further would most people be sinners if so?
Name: Bella. Town: Guam

User Info: Reiver_Neriahz

4 years ago#8
Lol! Awesome thread.
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Maliwan <3

User Info: tinymon

4 years ago#9
First of all, calm down. Try doing the weeding. If you don't want to do the weeding yourself, ask Leif to weed for you (if you have T&T and up, he'll offer this service).

Finally, if you're going to be doing TTing of any kind, you should switch your ordinance to Beautiful Town.

Also, check with all of your villagers to see if any of them have a moving flag. You have to go up with them and see if they "ping" and tell you that they're thinking about moving out or talk to your villagers to see if there's gossip about anyone trying to move out.

If they won't ping and they are thinking about moving out, save and quit, then approach them again. They should ping.

Not sure about the grass, but it sounds like something that should fix itself once you get the weeding done.

User Info: bella1655

4 years ago#10
@tinymon thanks for the advice. I talked to Leif and we did all the weeding. Also, I changed the ordinance to beautiful and will go talk to all my villagers. Eventually I do calm down after like 5-10 minutes after raging, but thanks for all the help. Hopefully the grass will grow back to normal.
Name: Bella. Town: Guam
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