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How to get perfect fruit?

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User Info: xnn3882

4 years ago#1
Yes, I wonder how I get perfect fruit?

User Info: pipo_snake_jc3

4 years ago#2
I remember getting one very early on in the game from a peach tree. Only one of the peaches were perfect. As for you, it should be the same situation for whichever your native fruit is.
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User Info: Futureshadows

4 years ago#3
If you sold it thinking they grew randomly on trees (like I did), you have to get someone to give you a perfect version of whatever your native fruit is. If you bury any other perfect fruit, it'd turn into a normal tree, so it has to be your starting fruit!
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User Info: fallenKlNG

4 years ago#4
You can only obtain perfect fruit on the trees of your town's "local fruit", which is the type of fruit trees that were in your town at the start of the game. When you pick them, look at it in your menu and it will be called "perfect <insert fruit here>" if it's perfect.

If you want a perfect fruit, I would just go to the wifi boards and ask for a perfect fruit that's your local fruit so you can grow them. Some people here have tons of them and would probably be willing to give them away for free or for something very affordable.

Just remember that if you grow perfect fruit, the tree will only produce the perfect fruit about 4(?) times before it becomes a normal non-fruit-producing tree.
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User Info: Smetso

4 years ago#5
You don't necessarily have to get a new perfect fruit from someone else if you got rid of yours; a new one will eventually grow on a regular tree, though it's rare.
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