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Really high HHA score.

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User Info: Sonoft

4 years ago#1
okay so I got back from a typical day at the college campus downtown. I usually leave my 3DS on and pick up a couple street passers everything was normal until I got the showcase and see a new guy there with a crazy high house score. it was 783,000 points which at first I was shocked because the highest I have seen before is 200,000 and even I'm at like 115,000. So of coarse I have to check it out. I get there thinking its going to be some kind of crazy castle with nothing but like custom colored gracie furniture or some of the other sets she sells but it was nothing but balloon minimalist and sleek stuff, granted he had some cool stuff I didn't have but still I really don't think someone could get this many points for only 3 complete low level sets. other than like having every item fit those challenge themes. So my question is , is it really possible to get nearly 800,000 points in the HHA with out being an action replay cheating buttface? I should note he didn't have the gold HHA badge on his profile either. also what's the highest score you have seen?

User Info: Jillipenny

4 years ago#2
It's called themed challenges... >_>
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User Info: sakura_aurora

4 years ago#3
actually having higher than 800,000 is possible,i have 1,531,000 points without cheating to get it you get a hha challenge i chose fairytale,so i put fairytale items everywhere including whole sets
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User Info: Ansem_the_evil

4 years ago#4
What above poster said but to add to it, its not pssible to hack 3ds games since continues uppdates to the 3ds prevent, so there can be no hackers or hacking in 3ds games
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User Info: Babycuzzz

4 years ago#5
Does anyone know how high the point rating goes?

User Info: Sonoft

4 years ago#6
I did say in my first post that the only thing I could think of that would get you that many points is the theme challenges but I didn't think it was that high but that's cool there is something higher to shoot for than 200k, thanks for the quick responses though.

User Info: fangirl_squee

4 years ago#7
I'm not sure what my highest score was but I did unlock all of the golden exterior pieces. I think you need like 1,100,000 points for that? I highly suggest using the monthly lucky items to 150,000 points to unlock the theme challenge. Then doing theme challenge is actually pretty easy if you pick a theme that works for you and then using the monthly luck items. It takes a lot of bells to get all of the pieces to furniture series and sets (unless you get them from someone else..) but having a matching exterior bumps up your HHA points a lot.
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User Info: Puglia77

4 years ago#8
I have 520,000 myself. I've streetpassed around 15-20 different people in my college campus who play New Leaf, and they all have my house. I wonder what they think about it, and how they reacted when they saw my really high score.

Keep in mind that I haven't gotten anyone higher than 50,000 yet.
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  3. Really high HHA score.

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