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Island Etiquette...?

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User Info: WitchBaby4200

3 years ago#1
So... Question to those who use Club Tortimer often...
I just started using it, one because I finally have Internet after going without it for a couple months, and two, to get hard to find island items. I got the striped wetsuit and nearly wet myself with excitement. And then I decided to run around naked. Veterans of this board will understand. ANYWAY...
Every once in a while I'll come across someone and we'll chat for a few, and then I'll head out. Today I came across someone, very nice mind you, who asked to visit my town. I was a little taken aback as I don't let strangers visit my town and I thought it was a little presumptuous to even ask. I said "Sorry. I only allow friends" and then quickly left.
Does this happen often? If so, what is the protocol? Do you let strangers visit your town? I didn't even think that was possible unless they had your Town Code... Or your FC for that matter! Maybe it was a kid who didn't know any better and I just dashed his dreams of finally having a girl friend.... Hmm. Schadenfreude. :D
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User Info: bella1655

3 years ago#2
Yeah, I use Club Tortimer a bit also. I go in, see if I have an item, and leave if no good items are available.
If I find a nice person we may chat a bit, and then I leave. Simple.
Name: Bella. Town: Guam

User Info: nintendogger

3 years ago#3
I let them visit my town only so as not to awaken the spirit of Cthulu.
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