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If I bury a perfect fruit...

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User Info: AxelPoe

4 years ago#1
Will I always get the 3 fruits to be perfect also?

Because my town's fruit is peaches.
So I found a Perfect Peach and buried it.
When it gave fruit, the 3 where perfect...
Is that normal or did I get really lucky that all 3 are perfect?
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User Info: dukevesper

4 years ago#2
It's normal, that's what's supposed to happen.
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User Info: Bear_in_Action

4 years ago#3
Perfect fruit trees will only give perfect fruits. It's normal :)

Do note that after a few harvest, leaves will fall off and one of the last batch will be a rotten fruit.
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User Info: Duke Darkwood

Duke Darkwood
4 years ago#4
AND you can only make perfect trees of the town's native fruit. Even if you visit a friend's town and get a perfect.... let's say apple, from them... and you plant it in your town... it will become a normal apple tree.

As for your perfect peach tree, keep one of its perfect peaches to use to re-plant it when it "dies" (after that last rotten batch, the only thing to do is Axe it and dig up the stump).
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  3. If I bury a perfect fruit...

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