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Toy Day?

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User Info: LuigiDM

4 years ago#1
so I am on December 5th and I've noticed the villagers keep telling me vague ideas of their wishlist for toy day. is there a site that tells me what each villager wants or is it random? just incase I finally started writing down what they tell me today. maple wants something brown.. etc

and I didn't get any replies when I asked about Halloween in September so i'm not expecting a reply anyway but I hope for a cheat sheet.
FC - Luigi - Paradise - 1203-9326-3521

User Info: PalomBM

4 years ago#2
Search for [Toy Day] in Liquefy's FAQ. You'll find the stuff there.
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User Info: Liquefy

4 years ago#3
What each villager wants is random.

User Info: LuigiDM

4 years ago#4
k thanks, making a list and checking it twice...
FC - Luigi - Paradise - 1203-9326-3521

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