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Crowns + Lazy Camper Exploit = Profit

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  3. Crowns + Lazy Camper Exploit = Profit

User Info: delusionment

4 years ago#1
So you know how lots have been selling crowns on premium to make lots of bells? Well, why didn't we think of this before?

Y'know that lazy camper exploit?

I've been doing this with beetles and sharks and making a lot of bells. But I decided to try this out with a spare crown, and look at what I got.

I bet I would have made more if I had emptied out my pockets completely (only had four tools on me) but it filled up my whole invo with bell bags.
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User Info: ParfaitDream

4 years ago#2
I am bowing at your feet, my highness. Thank you so much. This will certainly come in handy.

User Info: minjonator1234

4 years ago#3

almost 1.5 bells, huh?
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User Info: Mystery2013

4 years ago#4
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User Info: BigCN401

4 years ago#5
I did this too but everybody needs to know you gotta have lots of free time:
- can only hold one regular or royal crown in your inventory because...
- lazy camper WILL buy your crown for about 1-1.5mil bells which fills up your inventory
- you have to go back and forth when that happen to empty the bells and pick up another crown
- lazy camper will not always play the game to buy your item

Other than that it's a great way to make lots of money! lol
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User Info: Arrei

4 years ago#6
I tried this at one point, but it's surprisingly difficult to find people to sell you crowns. I was offering 600k, the premium price.
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User Info: Chaos Genesis

Chaos Genesis
4 years ago#7
This is really for people who have duped crowns to have multiples of them on-hand. If someone only has one or two crowns, they're not likely to sell them because of how expensive the initial investment was.
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