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Item classes for Toy day

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User Info: HappyUnicorn101

3 years ago#1
Is there a guide somewhere? Some are pretty obvious like a Brown Lamp = roccocco lamp.

But Kitty is asking for a blue toy. What qualifies as a toy in this game?
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User Info: Craig09111990

3 years ago#2
From my understanding, you're given a sack of gifts by Jingle, so you don't have to obtain them yourself. As long as you have the hints, you should be able to work out who gets what. (Use the 3DS Note app, or take screenshots. You can get the same hint more than once.)
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User Info: JaydeWiz

3 years ago#3
Does each villager have a specific color attached to them, or random for each game?
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User Info: stillwinds

3 years ago#4
It's randomly generated per game. So you have to take note of what your villagers ask for.
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User Info: penkwin

3 years ago#5
Oh phew. I was thinking I had to customize items with Cyrus to fit what my villagers are asking for. That's a lot simpler... I've been taking notes of their preferences... Now I just need some Santa pants... Thanks for the explanation!
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User Info: TheGreatGuero

3 years ago#6
Randomly generated?? Man, I wish I had known that a couple weeks ago. I figured I'd just check a guide online. Darn.
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User Info: Liquefy

3 years ago#7
Yes. The complete list is in my FAQ.
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