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Next Animal Crossing?

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User Info: pkivysaur

3 years ago#1
What do you think they will add? I'm hoping that you can choose where villagers move, and it will be more lenient with where we can place public projects. Actually, more projects in general would be nice. The island house, more villagers, and the wishing well could be fun too.
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User Info: pawpatrol78

3 years ago#2
sounds a little to dreamy to become reality
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User Info: Flow_149

3 years ago#3
Include a feature that let's you send mail to faraway towns on your friends list.
Also I really doubt that this will happen but add a feature that let's you alter the landscape of your town, I'm tired of everyone's town being near identical!
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User Info: BareFootTuna

3 years ago#4
The next games needs a huge overhaul and improvement. I don't want New Leaf 2.5
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User Info: BlizzardandBlaz

3 years ago#5
I have no clue what they will add. My guess is that at least we'll see more polish and some surprising innovations. But, I don't know exactly what it will be. We'll find out when it comes out.

User Info: ArkanaX

3 years ago#6
Well it's obviously going to be coming out on the Wii U so I expect some touch screen stuff. Maybe just the items on the touch screen?

Speaking about items, I hope they add a "toolbox" or extra inventory spaces so I don't run out so quickly.

User Info: improvisionist

3 years ago#7
Hope they improve the moving out system. Having to constantly check whether or not someone is leaving, without being able to stop them on their moving date if you miss them, sorta killed this one for me. It would just be nice to be able to convince them to stay at the last minute again.
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User Info: FullMetalPanic

3 years ago#8
Unlimited amount of PWP's or make it at least 50 instead of the 30 limit. Also as the mayor we should be able to choose where the neighbors place their homes.
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User Info: OlafPietro

3 years ago#9
I actually hope they bring back Redd's shop instead of the tent, and villagers have to give you the password, like in past games. I liked him having a shady ivy covered building. I actually hope they kinda combine the city with Main Street. That would be a nice, big area with a lot to do, and so it doesn't take up space on your map.
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User Info: Breyant

3 years ago#10
New Leaf 2 is fine with me. All I'm hoping for is a place to designate residential areas. Either by setting specific spots where a villager can move in or at least sectioning off an area. Maybe more/better PWPs.

I think it will be on Wii U so if looks like Animal Crossing Plaza, I will be ok with that :)
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