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The story of Plump.

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User Info: Crums44

3 years ago#1
So a while back my goal with this game was to have all the chicken villagers in my town called Plump. at the end of last year, I was so close to achieving my goal. I was able to get 7 out of the 8 chickens thanks to the people on these boards. Goose was the last chicken that I needed and I would be finished and satisfied. I even had a spot available for him, and I had begun my search. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find anyone that had him for a couple of days, and my 3DS streetpassed some people and I got Barold. Barold more or less ruined everything to say the least, because I had to halt my search for Goose until he moved out.

On Christmas day, after being so careful for so long, Knox decided that he wanted to move without telling me. I was so upset that I kind of just stopped playing...until a couple of days ago. I really wanted to get back into this game so I decided that I might as well TRY cycling 16 villagers or else i'd probably never play it again.

it's been hell. When I started my game up again, Broffina had also moved out, so i had to be super careful that my other 7 Villagers don't move out. Hopefully, I SHOULD be done with cycling today, so I'm going to start looking for chickens again.

So that's more or less it. I decided to post it on the online boards too since it doesn't seem like these boards are anywhere near as active as they were last year. But if anyone knows where I can track down the last 3 chickens I need (Knox, Goose, Broffina) That would be greatly appreciated.

Are there any other active sites I could use to find them?
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User Info: Mystery2013

3 years ago#2
You could try TBT, tumblr, or reddit if your search comes up empty.
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User Info: hannimal34

3 years ago#3
I second heading to Tumblr--there are a few pages that post villager trades/sales/adoptions constantly. My favorite is ACNL Adopt. Villagertrade and AC-trade-adopt are also solid. Good luck!
Hannah from BearCity
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